You will need
  • home or mobile phone;
  • - a notebook;
  • - a pen or pencil.
Stay focused and remember all the information that you know about the person and about what happened to him. Well if you know the date and time when the person was in the hospital, but most often it is not enough. In any case, in order to find peopleand in hospitals of Moscow, you need to know his name and surname and at least the approximate date of hospitalization (today, yesterday, last week etc.). It is also important to be aware of whether he wanted to go to the hospital or he was taken away in an ambulance.
Pick up the phone and call one of the following phones: +7 (499) 445-57-66 (if hospitalization occurred during the day) or +7 (499) 445-01-02, 445-02-13 (for last days). This reference ambulance service, and here give the information on hospitalization of patients, without asking, who are you and who are wanted. If the hospitalization occurred before, it will tell you the number of archive where information about patients is kept longer.
Call the Bureau of registration of accidents in Moscow: +7 (495) 688-22-52. Here you will be asked to answer, what is your relationship to the person and leave a contact phone. In the database of Bureau of registration of accidents a person gets even if he's unconscious, the description of clothing.
If a person went to the hospital alone and you know which operation, it will greatly reduce the list of medical institutions where he might be. Find out where do such operations and call registries of the respective hospitals.
When your quest is complete, don't forget to ask at the reception office and a room number, which is your relative or friend. Inquire about the time of the visit and whether it was at all. Find out what foods and things you can pass to patients.