Advice 1: How to find a person in Moscow hospitals

The situation is not pleasant: the closest person, whether a relative, friend or acquaintance has gone missing or ended up in the hospital, but for some reason I don't know what it is. Call hospitals – long task, especially when it comes to such a huge city as Moscow. There is a solution.
How to find a person in Moscow hospitals
You will need
  • home or mobile phone;
  • - a notebook;
  • - a pen or pencil.
Stay focused and remember all the information that you know about the person and about what happened to him. Well if you know the date and time when the person was in the hospital, but most often it is not enough. In any case, in order to find peopleand in hospitals of Moscow, you need to know his name and surname and at least the approximate date of hospitalization (today, yesterday, last week etc.). It is also important to be aware of whether he wanted to go to the hospital or he was taken away in an ambulance.
Pick up the phone and call one of the following phones: +7 (499) 445-57-66 (if hospitalization occurred during the day) or +7 (499) 445-01-02, 445-02-13 (for last days). This reference ambulance service, and here give the information on hospitalization of patients, without asking, who are you and who are wanted. If the hospitalization occurred before, it will tell you the number of archive where information about patients is kept longer.
Call the Bureau of registration of accidents in Moscow: +7 (495) 688-22-52. Here you will be asked to answer, what is your relationship to the person and leave a contact phone. In the database of Bureau of registration of accidents a person gets even if he's unconscious, the description of clothing.
If a person went to the hospital alone and you know which operation, it will greatly reduce the list of medical institutions where he might be. Find out where do such operations and call registries of the respective hospitals.
When your quest is complete, don't forget to ask at the reception office and a room number, which is your relative or friend. Inquire about the time of the visit and whether it was at all. Find out what foods and things you can pass to patients.
Useful advice
Don't forget that you should always have paper and a pen or sharpened pencil. Then you don't have to call back to the same place several times.

Advice 2 : How to find a missing person

What to do if I lost someone close to you. Most importantly - do not lose heart. Approximately 70 cases out of 100 people get home safely. It is important to know where to go in case of lost loved ones and what to do.
How to find a missing person
Contact the Bureau of registration of accidents. BURNS is a police unit working in online mode. There is a daily enters the necessary information from hospitals, morgues, the receivers-distributors, police and territorial police station. Getting information about a missing person, the Bureau compared its description with the available database. Daily Bureau records up to 30 calls. Assistance is provided free of charge. The search stops in 2 cases: if it reported the discovery of a missing and if the person declared dead.
Call "03". It is necessary to clarify, did you have a missing person in one of the hospitals of the city. If wanted was conscious and told his name, that information must be registered in the ambulance service.
Write a statement to the police. For this, you need to contact the police Department at the place of residence and to leave a statement about the loss, be sure to include your contact information. The application can be on duty immediately, regardless of the duration of absence of a missing. To speed up searches should provide more information about the missing person. Specify: special features (scars, tattoos), outdoor signs (which was wearing), data on teeth (no, the presence of crowns, etc.), information about the social circle and lifestyle.
Use the services of private detective agencies. Perhaps we should contact the Agency immediately without waiting for results from the police. In fact, they work through the same channels, and ATS. The only difference is that the detectives are not limited in resources (of course, the customer), have great respect, and not burdened by the daily paperwork. Of course, the services of private detectives are not cheap, but the efficiency of the searches closer to 70 %. Searches are not delayed and rarely lasts longer than a year. As a rule, the first members of the agencies assess the situation: is it possible to find the person. If your loved one went missing more than a year ago, probably the quest not start.
Talk to relatives and friends. Talk to relatives and friends of the missing, find out the circumstances of the fatal day. Maybe someone was near him and can give you valuable information.
Distribute announcements about the loss. Sometimes this method is quite effective. Putting up ads in places of the greatest cross: in the squares, bus stops, metro. In the ad give a detailed description of sought and the circumstances of the disappearance, attach a photo and specify the contact phone. Perhaps someone from a passing word missing and let you know.
Study the Internet. There is a nationwide search sites, where constantly updated information about people searching for loved ones. Give them an ad with a detailed description. And probably the one you seek, he will come to you on bond.
The people missing on the battlefield, many are looking for. It the creators of Internet resources, children's and youth organizations, the staff of a specially created television and radio broadcasts. Unmarked graves every year becomes less, the relatives of the heroes.
Useful advice
How to search for a missing person (list of action independent search). We have to act as quickly as possible, without stopping search work by the hour. First, you need to define the expected route is missing - your starting point and end point, in which he arrived.

Advice 3 : How to find a missing person

Every day people disappear. The reason for this may be: memory loss, murder, escape, accident. If the person went missing, it is necessary to take some measures to find him.
We can not delay the search for a missing person

Bureau of registration of accidents

In any case we can not delay the search of a man every minute. The first step is to contact the Bureau of registration of accidents of a particular city. The organization that enters into a database of names and information about people who were victims of accidents, disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks. Information about the victims and the victims come from medical institutions, police, mortuaries and other agencies. Perhaps this Agency will help to find a missing person.

To contact the police

It is not necessary to wait for three days since the missing person. You need to immediately write a statement in Department of internal Affairs. They are required to accept the application. If relatives know where a man can be, this place leaves the police and conducting a search. Relatives and friends have to remember all the details and events of the past. There may be a clue. We should remember how the person was dressed, his distinguishing marks (scars, tattoos, piercings). To the Department of internal Affairs needs to include a photo of the missing to some reference point in the search. Around the city in public places and stopping points you can put up photos of missing person and brief information about it. Sometimes people run off on their own because they want to hide from people or from law enforcement. Very often escape recruits to avoid the army. In this case, they can participate in collusion with relatives and the "play the scene of the disappearance.

To find a person by name can help telephone service. People living in different cities, can lose touch with each other. Referral service helps you find phone person by name or the old residence.

A missing person can help to find the team of volunteers. It's the people - representatives of public organizations that selflessly help law enforcement agencies to investigate different criminal cases, bypass shelterbelts, basements, unfinished buildings, to find a man.

Media assistance

The media willingly help people who have lost someone from relatives. There are television shows based on people search. You can refer to the printed edition that they posted a picture of a missing person with a description of the special features. Good people will respond if suddenly witnessed events or saw him on the streets. The belief in the best and prayers will help to find a missing person. This is not to do nothing. To look for yourself, you should never rely solely on law enforcement.
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