Medical policy for the child can be issued to the insurance companies involved in the implementation of compulsory medical insurance of the unemployed population by the place of permanent registration (residence permit) of one of the parents. It is very convenient for those parents who have not yet had time to register her baby, because of the strict attachment of medical policyand the place of registration of the child no.
To ask mom or dad for medical policyand the child should be within 3 months from the moment of his birth. Three-month baby, not having a policyand health insurance, have lost the right to free medical aid. This means that to postpone the moment of receiving of this important document at the baby not worth it.
In order to obtain medical insurance policy on the child mom and dad will need a minimum package of necessary documents: the passport of one of parents with a mark of permanent residence and birth certificate of the baby.
The procedure of receiving medical insurance policyon a child is very simple. Some insurance organizations give an important document the baby after a couple of minutes after the application of the mom or dad. Other companies at the time of making the policyand give parents a temporary document, perform all the functions of the present, and set a date when mom or dad can come and receive a ready-made medical insurance policy for your child.