To restore their rights and to confirm the fact of residence at a specific address, you must contact the court. But first you should send a statement in the service that said "no" in response to your oral request (passport office, insurance company, pension Fund Management, etc.), attaching the documents confirming actual residence at this address. This can be a warrant, a certificate from the building management, receipt of payment for utility services, pension certificate and other documents, which indicate your place of residence. Because these securities are not specified in the relevant laws and regulations (the registration stamp), you probably will receive a written denial of your request in the absence of registration. This will be enough to go to court with the application for establishing the fact of permanent residence. Along with provided the above written waiver, your passport, the documents confirming actual residence (copy), and a receipt about payment of state duty. If this is not enough, you need people (friends, acquaintances, neighbors) who can confirm that you really live at this address. And that means you'll have to write a petition about their call to court as witnesses. Once this fact is established (and you have to be patient, because litigation can last for months), you will need to submit the respective decision of the court in the service that you refused the request, and to require its implementation.