Possible causes of pain

Stabbing under her ribs on the left can and for quite natural reasons – often this pain occurs with physical exertion. To meet the demand of working muscles in nutrition and oxygen in the bloodstream enters the blood of the "contingency reserve", to load on vessels is not circulating. The spleen is overwhelmed with blood, increases in size and presses on the nerve cell's own shell. From this, and have painful sensations.

If the pain arose suddenly in the field, previously gives you anxiety, it is often a symptom of the disease. The stronger the pain, the sooner you must consult your doctor, especially if the appearance of unpleasant sensations was preceded by trauma.
Strong stabbing "stabbing" pain can signal something about the perforation of ulcer, injury of the spleen (up to rupture).

Recurring pain occurring after eating, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, stool disorders), may indicate pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), gastritis or gastric ulcer, and intestinal diseases (colitis, diverticulitis).

Stabbing left side body under ribs can be due to the intercostal neuralgia – usually, this pain sharply increases when breathing in or change of body position.
Stabbing pain when cough is accompanied by high temperature is one of the symptoms of left-sided pneumonia.

Pain in left side if they are accompanied by shortness of breath, darkening of the eyes, fatigue, can be symptoms of diseases of the cardiovascular system, particularly coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, or even heart attack. Also, we cannot exclude pathology of the spleen, acute appendicitis, kidney disease (the pain may radiate to the back) or diaphragmatic hernia.

What to do?

Given the variety of possible diseases, symptoms are stabbing pain in the right side, do a self diagnosis should not be. Depending on the intensity of pain you need to contact the doctor urgently, call on the house of the local therapist or to come to him.

If you have any chronic disease that can cause of recurring stabbing pain in left upper quadrant, it is possible to take medicines prescribed by your doctor in case of aggravation, and then seek medical assistance. New-onset pain is likely to require examination and testing to determine their causes.

Often disturbing pain in my side during physical exertion can be removed if you do not start exercise on a full stomach or without a warm-up. Follow the breath during class – it must be deep enough to avoid spasms of the diaphragm.