What occurs in adolescents abdominal pain

Parents sometimes do not pay enough attention to the complaints of teenagers, especially if these complaints were repeated many times and the doctors did not find any abnormalities. They believe that their children are just naughty, show character. However, to ignore the words of a child is not necessary, because the problem may not be in the psychological state of the child.

Pain in the abdomen can be the consequence of number of reasons. Here is just a brief list of them: appendicitis, gastroenteritis, trauma to the spleen, infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or urogenital system. The pain can also be a symptom of many other diseases and organs located outside the abdominal cavity. For example, the stomach is often sick with pneumonia.

In adolescent girls the most often, abdominal pain in the lower abdomen (often very strong) occur in the period of menstruation. Also the cause of the pain can be inflammatory processes in the genital organs or the bladder.

In appendicitis, the teenager is experiencing severe pain and cramps in the center of the belly, soon moving in its lower part. Attempt to walk or just stand directly in most cases only reinforce the pain. To determine the reason why stomach hurts, and prescribe the necessary treatment can only a doctor.
Therefore, it is necessary to take the teenager to the children's clinic, and if you suspect a dangerous disease (the same Appendix) – to call an Ambulance.

Why do teenagers in the stomach can lead to chronic pain

Some girls and boys complain of frequently occurring pain. As a rule, they stem from physical or emotional causes. For physical reasons, frequent pain include: inflammation of the colon, often accompanied by ulceration, Crohn's disease (inflammation of the lower part of the small intestine), individual intolerance to milk sugar – lactose, the excessive consumption of sugary carbonated beverages, caffeine, etc. Emotional causes include feelings about various family problems, conflicts with parents, peers, a mistaken belief about its uselessness, bad luck.
Often frequent abdominal pain arise from responsible Teens with the "student syndrome", which is very afraid to be on top and elevate to the category of tragedy, the slightest failure.

The physical causes of pain can resolve after correct diagnosis and treatment (or power adjustments). When emotional reasons, first of all, patience and kindness on the part of parents.