There are physiological and pathological causes pulling pain in the abdomen. The first is menstruation, ovulation and premenstrual syndrome, and second to appendicitis, inflammation of the cervix of the uterus and adnexa in women, as well as cystitis or prostatitis in men.

Dragging pain in lower abdomen in women

Menstruation — painful periods that many women suffer very hard. The pain surrounds the stomach, aching lower back, gradually merges with a headache. Women are analgesics or antispasmodics and try to rest up these days at home. Abdominal tenderness occurs because the rhythmic contractions of the uterus during menstruation. Some women have receptors in the uterus are very sensitive and every reduce tearing.

Ovulation is the cause pulling pain in groin and abdomen. A maturing egg is within the follicle located in the ovary, and develops in it. In the middle of the menstrual cycle egg Matures, the follicle breaks and she goes into the abdominal cavity. With her in the crack follows a little blood. Pain and rise in body temperature accompanied this moment.

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes and the ovaries, as well as its sudden rupture, appear painful sensations in the groin and fever.

Dragging pain in the abdomen in men

In men the most common causes of pain in the abdomen are diseases of the urinary system. Cystitis is an inflammatory pathology of the bladder, in which there is pulling, aching, dull pain. It is worse when urination and is often accompanied by low grade fever.

Prostatitis - at least the rare male disease, manifested by pulling pain in the abdomen. The pain is more intense, cutting, and radiating to the groin and testicles. Prostatitis is accompanied by a decrease of erectile function and painful urination.

Dragging pain in the abdomen in pregnant

Among the physiological causes of this symptom in pregnant women include: hormonal changes the body, congestion in the intestine, the effects of the enlarged uterus on the neighboring organs, and its "practice" contractions. For reasons that should alert a pregnant woman include: hypertonicity of the uterus, disruption of the intestine.

If you experience pulling pain in the lower abdomen of pregnant women should find out their origin, and this should go to the doctor. The detection of pathological causes of the doctor will prescribe treatment, and if normal contractions of the uterus, to alleviate the condition of the woman will help the bandage.