If you are a man and you not more than 46 years (or female not older than 49 years), get a job with especially harmful working conditions. It may be underground work in the mine, work in hot workshops (metallurgical or chemical production) in the production of building materials, glass and porcelain shops and some other work (
For employment, make sure that the employer to properly execute all documents for this job with a pension Fund and you will get put in benefits you.
Work at this place without interruption for at least 7 years (for men) or 3 years and 8 months (women). Please note that each year of work in such hazardous environments is to reduce your retirement age by 1 year (year two), but first you must work out at least half of the deadline (for men half is 5 years, for women 3 years 8 months).
If you are a woman, you have the opportunity to choose a less harmful work in order to go on retirement at the age of 53. Pick the most appropriate profession from the list of hazardous work ( and work on it for at least 5 years (this is mandatory when you assign preferential pensions). Remember, every 2 years at this company will reduce your retirement age by 1 year.
Don't forget that in addition to preferential seniority necessary to obtain insurance experience. When your age starts closer to 53 years, contact the pension Fund to specify the time to retire. Provide documents: passport, insurance pension certificate, diploma, military ID, marriage certificate and divorce, work book, certificate of employment, and most importantly - preferential certificate. This certificate must issue in the organization where you earned your grace experience, you retire before your time is appointed.