You as the leader of the future pensioner, you need to understand that the attainment by the employee of the age of eligibility for retirement, does not mean it is "automatic", day, care well-deserved rest. Your veteran may, but is not obliged to resign on this ground. He has the right to continue working in your enterprise and this fact does not impact on the receiving labour old-age pension.
Note: if the threshold is 55 years and 60 years is reached, the employee may, in connection with the retirement resign at any time by submitting a letter of resignation at own will. It is your responsibility to fire him the date that it determines. And two weeks of testing in this case, you require not entitled to. Entry labor will be like this: "Fired(a) at his own request in connection with the retirement clause 3 part 1 article 77 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation".
Warn future retiree: if he intends to retire immediately from the date when the pension is put to him (i.e. date of birth), submit the corresponding application to the Pension Fund at the place of residence, he is obliged in advance.
Explain to your employee that the pension he will have to deal with on their own. A detailed list of required documents for this procedure will give him a PF. You as the employer will do only that part of the work that is put by law.
What are these obligations?
1.Within 3 working days to issue all the documents (copies) related to work in the enterprise. It is: proof of salary, copy of work record card certified by the stamp of organization.
2.Within 10 days to provide to the Department Pension Fund in the form of SPV-1.This form contains information about the length of insured service, and accrued pension contributions.
If your employee on reaching retirement age he resigned on this basis, and then again were you taken to work, the second time to quit for the same reason he can not. It does not matter whether he worked before the dismissal by reason of retirement in your organisation or with another employer. Thus, if his work-book already contains the entry of dismissal (due to retirement), dismissal in the future, the entry will be - "at own will". In this case he has two weeks to work (if no additional agreement of the parties).
When making retirement the employee is generally given financial assistance - one-time payment, timed to coincide with a significant milestone. If the collective agreement provides for that the financial aid issued in each case, "parting with the team" on their own to achieve honorary retirement age, then you can pay more than once.