You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - proof of salary;
  • - the documents confirming the right to early retirement.
Check whether you are working at a position, which provides for early retirement on a pension, how many years before you will be able to leave work. For example, if you have worked in hazardous work, under the ground or in plants with high temperature more than ten (for men) or seven and a half years (for women), you'll be able to go on a pension ten years earlier. While your total work experience in any capacity should be not less than twenty years for men and fifteen for women.Also benefits time, pension applies to public transport drivers, teachers in schools and kindergartens, actors, ballet dancers and a number of other professional categories. A complete list of these occupations can be found on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the section "Labor pension".
If your profession does not fit into any of the categories listed on the Foundation's website as preferential, specify whether you to other preferential categories. Before the standard period for a pension can get mothers who have given birth to more than five children, parents of children with disabilities, people over twenty years working in the North, disabled veterans, the number of categories of persons with disabilities.
If there is reason to prepare a package of documents for entering retirement. Will receive from his employer a certificate of salary for any five years of work. These data must be taken over time until 2002. Also prepare a document confirming the place of residence, if you have a passport there is no stamp about registration.
Find your branch of the pension Fund (PF). This can be done on the website of PF. Come there in person and submit full set of documents, including those which confirm your right to early retirement on a pension, for example, birth certificates of children for mothers or proof of sufficient work experience in the far North.