You will need
  • ID:
  • - employment history;
  • - document on the average monthly earnings in the last years, or 60 consecutive months during the employment.
Documents required for registration of a retirement pension, are included in the List of documentsrequired for the establishment of labor pension. This list is governed by two Federal laws - "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation" and "On state pensions in the Russian Federation",
The main identity document in the Russian Federation is a passport. It contains all details, including affiliation to citizenship. The Pension Fund must submit a document confirming work experience, i.e. work book. An individual entrepreneur can submit another certificate of registration. If you changed the name, patronymic or surname, don't forget to submit a document about this, i.e. marriage certificate, divorce or name change. For those who have in the workbook has a record of teaching in higher or secondary educational institution full-time students, may require a certificate from the University or College. She needed to confirm the continuity of the experience. The size of pension is affected and leave to care for a child. The document confirming the existence of the child is the certificate of his birth.
In addition to the basic documents, you may need the following:
help disabled family members;
confirmation that disabled family members are at your expense;
- a document confirming the disability and extent of disability;
- information on place of stay or residence on the territory of Russia.
The certificate confirming the presence of dependents, issues a local authority.
To the Pension Fund are provided originals and copies of documents. Some documents are issued on forms of the state sample. This is determined by Federal law.
Confirmation of the information about the average monthly earnings is the extract from the personal account in system of pension insurance, if you take earnings after the registration of the pensioner in the public pension system, that is, after 2002. If is taken the average monthly earnings for any 60 months of work, proof is a certificate issued by the employer or government Agency.
Record in the workbook must be completed in accordance with the law. This is primarily for bug fixes. If the employee Pension Fund will have any doubts about the correct date of hiring or dismissal, he may ask to submit the archival certificate of the information. Employee Pension Fund can send a request or ask you to get help personally. On personal conversion takes less time than the correspondence.