If you expect experience, know that there are three types of experience. Insurance or seniority, length of service and special length of service which takes into account periods of employment or public activities under special conditions (harmful production, work in harsh climatic conditions and areas that received radiation). Such periods of employment are the basis for the establishment of preferential pensions, and also pensions for years of service.
Work with the labor book of the employee, which is the main document confirming seniority. According to the Decree of the Government №555 dated 24.07.02, in case of lack of confirmation of service will be accepted written employment agreements, civil law, etc. currently, the main condition for inclusion of a period is to pay during these periods, mandatory payments, i.e. insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance. The Decision also has the forms of certificates for the confirmation of the periods which are counted in the insurance period.
Based on Government Regulation No. 555, and Law No. 173-FZ, review all records and documents for this employee, determine the periods that are included in the calculation of pensions. Also highlight those that relate to the appointment of preferential pensions, etc.
The desired count periods of work in a calendar for the entire year (12 months). In this case, every thirty days converted into months, and every twelve months are transferred in full. For convenience, write the periods in the column date of admission and dismissal. If multiple periods to be included for the calculation of pensions, on the same time, it is the one that selects the employee.
Check the correctness of their calculations using the program to calculate insurance experience. You can find them on the Internet. But not too lazy the first time to calculate everything yourself.