You will need
  • -passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
  • -application on a special form
  • -pension insurance certificate
  • -certificate of experience for periods before registration in system of insurance accounting
  • -proof of salary for any 60 consecutive months
  • -information on labor activities for 2000-2001
  • -information about disabled family members
  • -the document confirming the existence of disabled family members dependent on your
  • document of disability (if applicable)
  • -a document about the death of a breadwinner
  • -work book
  • -may require additional documents
This is especially true of registration of preferential pensions. Veterans ' benefits for the title Veteran of Labour, if delayed registration of pension is not compensated. And for the title put a substantial extra allowance and a 50% discount on utilities. To obtain this title years of work experience is not enough. You need to have a state or departmental award.
To apply to the pension Fund for the pension you must be registered at the place of residence to collect and prepare the necessary documents for the pension. Documents must be issued by the officials and competent authorities to contain the seals and signatures of responsible persons.
If the pension Fund will request additional documents, they need to collect and report within three months. If this deadline is missed, the pension accrual will occur on the available documents.
Statement on the appointment of pensions is written directly in the pension Fund, because they write it on the prescribed form, issued on the spot. The form can be obtained in advance and fill it out at home.