The right to receive a pension before reaching the generally established retirement age are, for example,
men 50 years with insurance experience not less than 20 years, of which at least 10 years is experience with the harmful working conditions and List No. 1, for women age is 45 years, insurance experience not less than 15 years, including not less than seven and a half years in hazardous conditions List No. 1 .- women who have given birth five or more children under the age of eight. Pension in this case shall be appointed from the age of 50, if you have 15 years of insurance experience.
- working – gas and arc welders, but only if the documents, which will confirm their employment in this field, only one record in the workbook this will not be enough.
-one of the parents with disabled children who have reached the age of eight, men - 55 years with insurance experience not less than 20 years, women – 50 years with insurance experience not less than 15 years.
-men and women who have not reached the accepted retirement age and have worked 25 and 20 years respectively, who were dismissed due to the liquidation of organization or staff reduction with their consent may be appointed to retirement until the retirement age, but not earlier than 2 years before its occurrence.
For the design of early retirement pension in connection with harmful working conditions (special) refer to the Management of the pension Fund at the place of residence 1 month prior to reaching retirement age.
Write a statement of purpose of pension.
Provide specialist customer service passport, SNILS, work book, certificate of salary for any 5 years (60 months). in a row until 2000. Women additionally birth certificates of all children of men – the military ticket.
Within 10 days the application will be considered (the right to a pension is assessed, as a rule, immediately on the reception) and you will be assigned retirement subject wages. of experience in insurance premiums since 2000.