Advice 1: How to apply for a pension, those who do not work

In accordance with the law "On labour pensions" all citizens, regardless of whether they are unemployed or engaged in labour activity, have the right to receive old-age pension. It is a monthly cash payment designed to ensure people's livelihoods.
How to apply for a pension, those who do not work
If you are unemployed, you are entitled to receive old-age pension ahead of schedule, but not earlier than two years before the statutory release date on a pension. Consequently, disabled women can expect to retire on attaining the age of 53 years at the General seniority not less than 20 years, men – on reaching 58 years in the General seniority not less than 25 years.
Please note that the early old-age pension can be made only in compliance with basic conditions:- the recognition of the citizen the unemployed - lack of employment center opportunities for employment, the unemployed have work experience, allowing it to enter retirement early is the attainment of a specified age, the unemployed, the dismissal of a citizen in connection with liquidation of organization or staff reduction,- the consent of the unemployed by sending him to retirement. If not complied with at least one of the conditions, the early design of old-age pension is not possible.
Please contact the Pension Fund at the place of residence with the statement for appointment of pension. It is served not earlier than the month of the retirement age. If you submit an application after the retirement age, the pension will be appointed only from the date of its submission.
Please include the following documents:- passport - work book,- a certificate indicating your average monthly earnings for the 60 consecutive months before January 1, 2002 within any period of employment, certificate of residence, documents about the change of surname, name, patronymic,- the pension insurance certificate. In addition, you must submit your signed offer of employment center on the direction of the unemployed of the citizen on pension on age. Also you can request and other documents required for a pension, for example, a certificate of disability.

Advice 2 : What will be the pension for Housewives

Women who devoted themselves to homemaking, education and caring for children, to bring to society the same benefits as those that work. This is acknowledged by the state that guarantees them the opportunity to obtain both social and occupational pension.
What will be the pension for Housewives
Retirement pension, can be assigned to a woman, even if she most of his adult life devoted to the care of the family. However, only in the case when it has the minimum necessary work experience – more than 5 years. This pension housewife can get at the age of 55 years. Given the fact that the labor and insurance experience to be considered since 2002, includes the periods provided for the care of children until they reach one and a half years, to work on producing one that brought up two children, you will need only 2 years and at least 1 day. Note that this "baby" experience, according to the law, the amount is limited to 5 years. The retirement pension in this case will depend on how much a woman earned. That is, how much her employer has transferred contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but, as a rule, the value of these pension payments is small and equal to the minimum, "basic" pension, which currently does not exceed 4 thousand rubles.
But even in the case when the woman has not worked a single day, the pension she still relies. However, with the 60 and not the labor, and the social, the amount of which directly depends on in your area of the subsistence minimum for pensioners. The amount of the social pension indexed each year consists of pension and social payments, introduced in 2010, which allows to provide the minimum necessary for the survival of the pensioner, the monthly amount of money.
In fact, and in another case, the pension will be very small, so the state now gave the opportunity to the Housewives who take care of contains two or more children, to open the Pension Fund to your personal account and transfer part of the maternity capital received after the birth of her second child. However, in this case, there are restrictions – the year of birth of the children must be from 2007 to 2016, this period is limited to the law on maternity capital.
The right to social pension for old age have only those Housewives who reside on the territory of the Russian Federation. In that case, when you leave for permanent residence abroad, she, unlike the labour pension, you either earn or will not be paid.
Useful advice
Economists advise Housewives to take responsibility for their own future and increase your retirement capital, signing a contract with any private pension Fund. In this case you can pay the monthly amount allocated from the earnings of your spouse.
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