You will need
  • Passport, employment history, spraque income in the three months since the last job.
To obtain this form of pension payments, carefully review all available documents and consult the staff of the centre of employment of the population. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation from March 31, 2011 "On approval of the Procedure for confirmation of periods of work, giving the right to early receipt of a labour old-age pension" for retirement early, you need to clearly observe a number of conditions. First, a citizen who wants to retire early, you must reach a certain age. In women, this age is 53 years, provided that the insurance period is at least 20 years, men that age is 58 years, with experience in 25 years. Second, it needs to be unemployed, moreover, the local authorities of employment services can't do for a long time to give him the job. Thirdly, it needs to be defined for his profession experience. This opportunity also applies to the citizens dismissed from work due to the liquidation of organization or staff reduction.
Clearly follow all of these in this order the points as in the design of early retirement may be denied when the non-compliance of at least one item. Also you will hear the failure if you twice refused the offer of employment center work. You do not have the right to receive an early retirement persons who were dismissed not due to the closure of the organization or downsizing the workforce, or if the application for retirement was filed in the period when unemployment benefits were suspended or reduced. If the application was filed during the period when the man persisted, the average salary, taking into account its severance from the last job, the pension early may be denied.
To start processing all the documents, please contact your local centre of employment, as making early retirement be made only in case of impossibility of employment. For registration you must have a passport; be sure to have the original of the work book, which will contain the article of dismissal; a document certifying professional qualification; certificate from the last job, earnings in the last three months.
After that, the local employment center will be issued a statement (in duplicate) with an offer of early retirement, as well as information about the time that will be credited to seniority. With this package of documents during the week should contact the pension Fund at the place of residence.
Remember that statement with an offer of early retirement is really not more than a month, with the exception of temporary incapacity of the citizen. In this case, you will be required to submit a certificate confirming this fact. Then the deadline for submission will be extended for the duration of the disability.