Get the application form to the territorial body of the Pension Fund and correctly complete. Remember that you can apply not earlier than one month before the intended exitand retirement. But the rest of the documents should start to collect in advance, for three to five months before you can apply. This will help you to begin to receive payments immediately after the exitand retirement. After collecting all the documents and fill out an application, show them to the staff Pension Fund. They will help you to find the errors and fix them.
You can send the statement by registered mail or instruct the submission of documents to your representative, if you can't come yourself. The application shall attach the original and a photocopy of the certificate of obligatory medical insurance, work book (for confirmation of insurance and in some cases, to pension benefits), a certificate of average monthly earnings during the last 60 consecutive months (can be for any period of employment), passport, or military ID for the military.
May also need a certificate of temporary registration, if you are going to retire not at the place of residence (registration). Attach a certificate of disabled family members to confirm the location of their dependents. If you have changed your surname, name or patronymic, this should also be documented. If you are disabled or have limitations of ability to work, complete the above documents and the relevant certificate documents.
If employees Pension Fund after inspection determines that documents are missing, you will be asked to provide the missing documents within three months from the date of application for pension. The day of acceptance of your application by the Pension Fund is the date of formal application for pension. If your documents are in order, the retirement pension shall be granted from the day of your treatment.