A hairdresser and makeup artist are highly sought and well-paid a profession. Training in hairdressing and make-up opens up opportunities for creative self-realization and achieve financial well-being.

Learning make-up and hairdressing at the Institute and the College

Anyone to become a hairdresser and makeup artist can choose for themselves the most appropriate form of education. In many colleges it is possible to obtain primary or secondary vocational education on the basis of 9 or 11 classes. The students are available in free and paid forms of full-time study. Those who have completed 11 years, can enter the Institute or University on specialty "Hairdressing". Principles of training of students in the Institute and College do not differ: the lessons include theoretical training and practical training on mannequins and models are invited.

Initially, the students receive General knowledge about the profession of hairdresser and makeup artist, learn about the requirements to the equipment room and the instruments. The study also is impossible without a knowledge of sanitary norms, because hygiene depends very much. Future barbers are studying women's and men's haircuts, techniques and ways of painting, the rules of washing and massage the scalp, types of hair styling, principles of perms. Makeup artists tell you about the different types of looks and types of makeup, learn to create a harmonious image through the means of decorative cosmetics.
In the classroom are the current fashion trends and investigate ways of correcting the appearance with haircuts and professional make-up.

Training period at the Institute and the College can vary from one year to four years, after which successful students receive a diploma and can begin to work independently.

Courses make-up artists and hairdressers

An alternative form of training – paid courses of hairdressers, makeup artists in the beauty or in the training centers. The courses a novice can learn the popular profession, and experienced master to improve their skills under the guidance of a highly qualified specialist. The course duration is usually 2 to 4 months, during which students receive basic theoretical and practical knowledge. Students must be attentive and focused, because every lesson they have to absorb a large amount of information.
Free of charge training courses for hairdressers and makeup artists are those who stand on the account in the employment centre.

After completion, students receive a certificate of completion, which can be to get a job in a Barber shop or beauty salon.