Determined to master the profession of a makeup artist, examine all the offers in your city. Specialty you can obtain in vocational colleges as well as courses. Make a list of all educational institutions, to clarify the conditions of admission, program duration and cost of training.
In large cities the opportunities for learning more, and the most prestigious school of makeup located in the capital. So if you took a firm decision to become the "artist's face", but live in a small town, consider the possibility of moving — at least at the time of study.
Universal of course, after graduating you will become a demanded specialist does not exist. Higher education in the field of makeup is also to fail. You will need to build its educational program. The number and quality of degrees will significantly affect the prospects of your future employment.
To begin, select a good basic course in a vocational school or courses where the training lasts 3-6 months. During this time, you can learn the basics of the profession, will get the opportunity to practice, choose your own style and decide which area you want to specialize. For example, if you are interested in wedding makeup, you can find relevant short courses. If you are attracted to work in the theater or on television, you need to thoroughly study the stage make-up.
After receiving the first diploma you can try to get a job or continue training. Choose short courses or intensive you are interested in. Focus on the prestige of the educational institution and the name of the teacher. Collect information on the selected school online, professional forums and sites. Can assess the level of teaching personally came to the courses as a model.
Higher tier Russian make-up artist – certified foreign school. Some of Russian Academy can arrange for their students training and workshops in Paris, Milan or other European cities. You can find the school of makeup and yourself. Note that for foreigners teaching is usually conducted in English.