You will need
  • - testimony of IP;
  • premises;
  • equipment;
  • - the SES;
  • - the conclusion of fire safety;
  • - permission from local authorities;
  • licence (if you provide medical services);
  • - the staff;
  • - contract for garbage removal and territory cleaning;
  • - the contract for the Laundry or washing machine.
Cosmetology will be in demand, if it is located in close proximity to fitness centers, hair salons, swimming pools, sports clubs who visit to put in order hair and model body.
Regardless of where you are going to open a beauty salon, you'll need to execute a number of documents, allowing them to start entrepreneurial activities and do their own business.
Sign up in the territorial Department of the Federal tax service as an individual entrepreneur. You will be given a certificate, but this is the first step on the road to discovery of cosmetology.
Choose a room in which is located a beauty salon or a beauty salon. To obtain permission to open a salon of regional sanitary control bodies, keep in mind that the room must have a separate entrance, Central sewer and water, to be sufficient space. The work of one master cosmetologist need at least 15-20 sq. m. in addition, the leased premises must conform to all the requirements of fire supervision. Only in this case you will be given a report that allows you to open cosmetology.
Next, you need to obtain permission from the local authorities. For this we turn to the district administration, submit a certificate of individual entrepreneur, the conclusion of bodies of sanitary supervision and fire protection. After 30 days you will receive a permission to perform business activities.
Cosmetology equip with necessary furniture and tools. You will need a special couch, chair beautician trolley for tools and utensils, table, wardrobe for storage of necessary equipment, UV lamp, vaporizer, Cabinet for disinfection of instruments, sponges, wipes, towels, sheets.
All disposable items will have to be washed, so in the utility room you can put the washing machine or to enter into a contract with the nearest Laundry plant. You will also need to sign a contract for removal of garbage, cleaning of the territory.
To work hire beauticians with experience and special education. If in addition to the cosmetic services you will provide medical, apply for a medical license, without which it is impossible, for example, to carry out deep cleaning of the skin and use acid peels.
At the salon, or office, place a colorful sign. In the media give advertising about the provision of cosmetology services. Initially provide services at competitive prices. As regular customers will be a lot, you will be able to raise prices to regional averages for similar services.
To keep loyal customers, make discounts, bonus need service, give prizes and gifts.