School of stylists

This school is a special school. The training lasts about six months, during which students will learn a brief description of the history of fashion, style and makeup, and also learn the basics of this profession. Graduated from this school, students receive a certificate.
Graduate school of image and style

The school is located in Yekaterinburg. Different from the usual school of stylists the fact that it taught the latest techniques in the field of style, fashion and so on. In addition, upon completion of this course participants will receive a certificate of secondary education.
The European Academy of image

Its branches scattered across the cities of Russia. Very convenient and necessary for those who already have previous education in the field of stylistics. Training takes place on the European method of education, that is, with the possibility of employment abroad.
International Institute of image

The institution provides distance learning everyone. For profession image maker-stylist, who creates a complete image it is necessary to draw and write a statement on the website of the Institute. Training online allows you to obtain not only the skills of using high technology in the world of style and beauty, but also to receive education abroad.
The school of practical image of "Vanessa"

This school is located in Moscow and produces professional stylist for ten years. The main difference between this school from others is that they practice individual training for each. Another important factor is that for all practical classes invite the heads of models on which to hone their skills learners: practice in applying makeup, creating hairstyles, manicure, pedicure and so on.
Paris school of stylists

This school is a private educational institution. This means that you can get there only on the recommendation of former students or passed the preparatory course. The emphasis in school is on practical training.