Select, how will you deal with parasites: medication or using natural remedies.
Pay attention to the pros and cons of medical technique. Pharmacies is a wide range of chemicals for pest control. Usually with these medications is fast and efficient. However, these drugs often cause allergic reactions. In addition, many of them do not expel the worms from the body, and kill them. As a result, the body formed decomposition products, which cause nausea, headache and cramps in the stomach.
If you decided to deal with pests by using chemical drugs, refer to specialists. Do not self-medicate. Remember, there are many different types of parasites. And for each type it is necessary to apply different medicinal products.
Please note that unlike chemical medicines, herbs act more gently. They do not violate the intestinal microflora. In addition, folk remedies allow you to not only kill adult parasites and their larvae.
Use one of the old folk methods of pest control. Grind one Cup of partitions of a walnut. Pour a glass of vodka. Allow the nuts to sit for days. Take on an empty stomach, gradually increasing the dose. So, the first day drink 5 drops, second day — 10 and day 20 drops. Next, take 20 drops in a month once in a day.
As the dead parasites decompose and poison the body with toxins, any of the methods of treatment to combine with enemas. Clean your body of parasites, and be healthy!