How to apply herbs for parasites

Bitter herbs and their fees will have on many species of parasites, paralyzing effect, i.e. deprived of their motor abilities, causing the worms disengaged (detached) from the tissues of the organs in which they live. The effect is enhanced if the herbs added spices – pepper, cloves, cinnamon, ginger etc. the parasite viability is noticeably retarded, and they are freely excreted. Moreover, these fees act as an anti-inflammatory, choleretic, and healing, and is able to eradicate the infection and cleanse the body of toxins.

Attention! When taking herbs and herbal parasites should strictly follow the dosage. Too high and concentrated doses (than the sin of many, believing that the bigger and stronger dose of the decoction or infusion, the faster it will work on worms) can cause serious poisoning and even lead to death. At the same time, low concentration of anti-parasitic herb acts in the same negative behavior of the worms takes an aggressive form, and they begin active movement throughout the body, even squatting in unusual places for them and laying eggs in other internal organs. In any case, the decision to get rid of parasites using herbs, consult a doctor is a must.

Russian triptych No. 1

You need wormwood, acting on round and tape worms, flowers of tansy to get rid of the pinworms and Ascaris, and clove seeds, capable of destroying the larvae and eggs of parasites. Triad kills more than 100 species of worms and some types of fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Take these components in the following ratio:
- wormwood – 1 part;
- flowers of tansy 4 parts;
- the seeds of clove – 2 pieces.

Combine all of the ingredients. Brew 1 tablespoon of the collection Cup boiling water, wrap a warm scarf and let it stand for half an hour (you can boil the herbs in a thermos). Take broth 3 tbsp 30 minutes before a meal. Drink and snack do not, bitterness will have to wait. But the best reception of decoction is considered as the time from 00.00 to 3.00 (from 12 to 3 nights), because in this period the parasites are most active and susceptible to entering the body food and drink.

There is another option of reception of triads No. 1: grind all the components of the collection in a mortar and make powder. The scheme is as follows: on the first day half an hour before Breakfast take 1 teaspoon of powder (no slides), follow with 0.5 cups of warm water; on the second day, take the same portion in the morning and same in the evening; on the third day, take 1 tsp of powder a half hour before eating three times a day. According to the scheme of the third day, continue treatment until the end of the week, then reduce dose to 1 tsp a day (the first day) and take the triad thus within a month. If necessary, repeat the course in six months.

Russian triptych No. 2

The composition of the herbal collection was developed by the doctor of medical Sciences V. A. Ivanchenko as more secure in comparison with triptych No. 1 antiparasitic agents. This fee does not possess strong toxic properties, and, meanwhile, helps people to get rid of worms with a sufficiently high efficiency.

Russian triptych №2 – is a collection consisting of calendula flowers (marigold), calamus root and seeds of caraway, taken in the ratio of 3:1,5:1,5, respectively. Thoroughly grind all ingredients in a mortar and take the powder form, as a triad No. 1, but daily use is 1 tsp three times daily extend up to 2 weeks and after that this three-fold admission limit to once a week (day, determine for themselves and not break the "schedules"). Stick with this scheme for a further 2.5 months.