Advice 1: Effective remedy against worms in humans

To discover they had worms – a real shock for the average person. This is complicated by the fact that to go to the doctor with this problem terribly ashamed, and relatives't tell. No need to panic, because often the bot can self-heal, taking a few pills.
Effective remedy against worms in humans
It is considered that such a specific problem as helminths, may be relevant only for children who chew on dirty hands, as well as for the homeless and other outcasts. Unfortunately, it is not. Immunity a person is not strong enough to deal with gets in the body from poorly washed greens or rare meat eggs and larvae of worms. How to cure worms in an adult?

Cure for round worms in human

The most common nematodes - round worms, which are easy to get is similar to cutting threads pinworms and resembling earthworms roundworm. And those and others can be detected independently in the contents of the toilet after a bowel movement. No need to panic – they are treated simply.

The most effective against round worms supplements – Nematol, Worm, Dekaris, Vermoxum and Pyrantel. All of these drugs paralyse adult worms, and then dissolve them. This is important for sensitive people who are terrified to see them, came from worms.

Cure tape and flat worms in humans

Tapeworms – bovine and porcine cepni, as well as tapeworm and Anaconda among helminth – broad tapeworm, which can reach a length of 15 meters or more – are treated exclusively under the supervision of a physician. Flat worms, the most common among them opisthorchis, also expelled in the hospital. Drugs, which are commonly used in the case of such serious helminthiasis is Biltricid, Fenasala and Azinoks. All these drugs are very toxic, therefore, dose is calculated as a doctor-parasitologist, depending on the patient's weight. Quite often, the necessary support patient therapy, for example, droppers, so for several days he remains in the hospital.

In fact, to prevent re-infection is quite simple. Wash your hands before eating, thoroughly wash vegetables and herbs, good thermally process meat and fish and avoid eating questionable food in catering, and then the problem of helminthiasis will not affect you.

Advice 2: How to detect worms in a child

Helminthic infestation in children is quite often the case, because kids tend to discover objects to taste, pull hands in a mouth and to focus on animals that are a source of infection. Confirm your suspicions only with the help of laboratory diagnosis. However, to assume parasites independently and on a number of grounds.
How to detect worms in a child
Signs of worms in children may not appear immediately and often parasitosis begins to show the first problems with digestion. This can be understood, if once the normal appetite of the child is suddenly gone or Vice versa was increased, increased craving for sweets, there was frequent pain in the abdomen, diarrhea alternating with constipation, nausea worried.
To eliminate suspicion of the presence of worms in a child is possible only after survey. And it is better not to postpone, because as reproduction of parasites, the body will constantly be poisoned by their toxins. As a result, the baby will become irritable, aggressive, lethargic, anemic. And because of the absorption of nutrients necessary for development and growth is also weak physically.
To assume the specific form of worms, pay attention to the manifestation of characteristic signs of worms. And for this, observe the child not only during the day but during the night. A number of symptoms manifest themselves at night.
If toddler worried about itching of the genitals and the anus, there was gnashing of the teeth during sleep, sometimes bedwetting and drooling, check the child for enterobiasis – pinworm infection. This kind of parasite is one of the most common in children's groups. For the reliability of the diagnosis pass stool for several days with a small interval. The need for re-diagnosis is no longer only with a positive result.
Frequent spasmodic pain in the umbilical region, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, poor appetite, irritability, malaise, pallor of the skin and weight loss or a slight gain, chronic cough and runny nose check the child for ascariasis. Infection with Ascaris round worms - not less common disease, especially in the summer. To confirm the diagnosis pass stool for 3 weeks.
If the child frequently shows signs of indigestion, accompanied by headaches, dizziness, seizures and fainting exclude primarily food poisoning. To do this, call the doctor. After the stabilization, just in case, examine the baby on trihozefalez, or infection with whipworm.
If the kid would often complain of pain in the upper right side or in the chest and, in addition, became pale, irritable, tired quickly, not eating, not gaining weight and even losing weight, check it out on the echinococcosis. This disease is often masked by diseases of other organs and because of this, many years can be identified.
The reason for the survey for all groups of parasites should be any disease in a child not responding to treatment or has a temporary and short-term recovery. Because many worms are localized in a particular organ, causing a violation of his functional abilities.

Advice 3: What herb helps with worms

In traditional medicine in the treatment of helminthiasis generally, it uses strong pharmaceutical drugs that unfortunately have side effects. That is why more and more people in the fight against parasites are turning to natural, broad-spectrum Anthelmintics, for example, medicinal herbs.
What herb helps with worms
The main advantage of herbs is that they are soft and have virtually no side effects. Moreover, they not only help to get rid of worms, but, possessing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and other actions to effectively fight with various diseases. Herbs provide the body with valuable elements.

Fighting worms with wormwood

Wormwood is a time – tested effective remedy used in the treatment of helminthiasis. For these purposes, it is recommended to prepare the infusion according to the following recipe:
- 100 g dried herb;
- 0.5 liters of 70% alcohol.
Raw material is poured alcohol, then the dishes (the capacity should be of dark glass) stoppered and placed on 20-21 days in a dark place, daily, intensely shaking the contents of the bottle. Then the infusion is filtered. Taking a sedative three times a day, from 27 to 30 drops before meals. The course lasts 7 days.

A similar effect has infusion made from these components:
- 1 tsp chopped dry herbs;
- 2 glasses of water.
Raw brewed with boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes (preferably to do it in a thermos), then filtered. Take this remedy 50 ml thrice a day half hour before meals. The minimum course is one week.

Tansy is an effective remedy for worms

To get rid of parasites, it is recommended to take a decoction of tansy prepared by the following recipe:
- 400 ml of milk;
- 1 tbsp. l. crushed dried flowers of tansy;
- 2 cloves of garlic.
Tansy pour the milk, add a mixture of crushed to a pulp the garlic, then the components are thoroughly mixed. Then the container with a medicinal composition cover with a lid and put on a small fire. After the mixture boils, continue to cook it another 10 minutes and then remove the dishes from heat. Then the broth is cooled to a comfortable temperature and filtered. The warm composition is administered into the body in the form of enemas and kept inside as long as possible. Similar procedures are recommended to do daily for weeks. If necessary, after a ten-day break antihelminthic treatment can be repeated.

Medicinal Angelica against parasites

Antihelminthic action has a tincture prepared from the roots of medicinal Angelica. The prescription of this drug is:
- 0.5 l of white wine;
- 20-25 g chopped dried roots.
Raw materials pour wine and insist the composition of 22-24 hours, from time to time intensely shaking the contents of the container. After the infusion is filtered. Take "medication" twice a day for 25-30 ml before meals. The treatment lasts a week.

Advice 4: How to get rid of the worms the popular methods

Worm infestation is usually treated with medical drugs. But in some cases to get rid of parasites with popular recipes – they do not have toxic effects on the human body, but no less effective and efficient.

How to get rid of the worms the popular methods
You will need
  • - garlic;
  • - pumpkin seeds;
  • - flowers of tansy;
  • - carrot juice;
  • - onions;
  • - mugwort, chamomile, tansy, buckthorn bark.
Use the garlic. It can chew or swallow small pieces, combine it with bread or milk. Spread garlic on the crust of black bread and sprinkle salt on it – a sandwich it is recommended to eat three times a day, and the garlic can be crushed and smeared it on the bread. "Garlic" milk is prepared as follows – rastolita 10 cloves of garlic and place them in a glass of warm milk. Drink the liquid slowly, in small SIPS. For seven days do a cleansing enema of milk, which was boiled garlic. Clean a large head of garlic, place it in a glass of milk and boil the broth until until the garlic becomes softer. Sieve the liquid and use for mikroklizm.
Eat pumpkin seeds. You can eat them whole, chew or grind the seeds in advance and take two tablespoons in the morning with a glass of milk. After the meal you can eat pumpkin seeds, sprinkle with salt and sprinkle with vegetable oil.
Make an enema from the flowers of tansy tablespoon dried flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water, boil for ten minutes and strain. A enema is put on for 5 minutes once a day – the course of treatment is 5-7 days.
Drink carrot juice on an empty stomach or eat grated carrot. You can drink a spoon of hemp oil, seizing his a small amount of bread.
Anthelmintic properties of strawberries, pickled herring (it can not be anything to drink), rice (on the hill raw cereals, eat on an empty stomach in the morning). Pear seeds separate from the fruit and eat them. Onion infusion should be consumed half a Cup for three days – chop a large onion, pour her a glass of hot water and steep for 12 hours. Drink a decoction of wormwood (do not administer to children).
Cook anthelmintic herbal – wormwood, chamomile, tansy, buckthorn bark (2:1:1:3). Combine the herbs and to prepare, use two tablespoons of the mixture on 200 ml of boiling water. Drink this infusion twice a day, morning and evening. You can alternate it with the decoction of tansy, centaury and watch (herbs are taken in equal quantities).
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