Advice 1: Effective remedy against worms in humans

To discover they had worms – a real shock for the average person. This is complicated by the fact that to go to the doctor with this problem terribly ashamed, and relatives't tell. No need to panic, because often the bot can self-heal, taking a few pills.
Effective remedy against worms in humans
It is considered that such a specific problem as helminths, may be relevant only for children who chew on dirty hands, as well as for the homeless and other outcasts. Unfortunately, it is not. Immunity a person is not strong enough to deal with gets in the body from poorly washed greens or rare meat eggs and larvae of worms. How to cure worms in an adult?

Cure for round worms in human

The most common nematodes - round worms, which are easy to get is similar to cutting threads pinworms and resembling earthworms roundworm. And those and others can be detected independently in the contents of the toilet after a bowel movement. No need to panic – they are treated simply.

The most effective against round worms supplements – Nematol, Worm, Dekaris, Vermoxum and Pyrantel. All of these drugs paralyse adult worms, and then dissolve them. This is important for sensitive people who are terrified to see them, came from worms.

Cure tape and flat worms in humans

Tapeworms – bovine and porcine cepni, as well as tapeworm and Anaconda among helminth – broad tapeworm, which can reach a length of 15 meters or more – are treated exclusively under the supervision of a physician. Flat worms, the most common among them opisthorchis, also expelled in the hospital. Drugs, which are commonly used in the case of such serious helminthiasis is Biltricid, Fenasala and Azinoks. All these drugs are very toxic, therefore, dose is calculated as a doctor-parasitologist, depending on the patient's weight. Quite often, the necessary support patient therapy, for example, droppers, so for several days he remains in the hospital.

In fact, to prevent re-infection is quite simple. Wash your hands before eating, thoroughly wash vegetables and herbs, good thermally process meat and fish and avoid eating questionable food in catering, and then the problem of helminthiasis will not affect you.

Advice 2 : What pills to drink from worms: an overview

Parasites can enter the human body from the air, with the use of poorly washed fruits and roasted meat. The violation of personal hygiene also leads to parasitic invasion. To cope with the problem will help medications.
What pills to drink from worms: an overview

Tablets against parasites in the intestines

"Albendazole" - a de-worming medication a broad spectrum of action. He helps almost all of kinds of worms – appointed in mono - and poly - invasions. The tool can be found in pharmacies in the form of chewable tablets and easy.

"Madamin" effective in ascariasis, enterobiasis, hookworm, trihozefaleze and necatoroz. The drug blocks the muscles the parasites that prevents them locked in the intestine.

Old and proven for yearsPyrantelcan be bought in the form of suspensions and tablets. But the spectrum of action of the drug can not boast, it helps when pinworm, roundworm, and hookworm. "Pyrantel" affects the nervous and muscular system, followed by paralysis of worms.

There are many other drugs which should assign Parasitology. Pills on their own, setting the dosage and duration of treatment, inappropriate. If you apply the wrong remedy, the parasites will not die. Keep in mind that and drink a double dose of the drug is impossible, because you can seriously poisoned!


Advice 3 : What medicines help from worms

Worm infestation is quite a common disease, which can lead to disorders in the internal organs and serious complications. Will have to put a lot of effort to get rid of parasites.
What medicines help from worms

Signs of worm infestation

Worms, in other words, worms that inhabit soil, water, animals. To get infected very easily failure to comply with elementary rules of hygiene, eating unwashed fruits, vegetables, while bad heat treatment of meat and fish.

The presence of parasites in the body can indicate different factors which can often be mistaken for other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So, it's possible that the body of intestinal worms if:

- the patient complains of diarrhea or constipation;
- frequent and prolonged bloating;
- nervousness;
- pain in muscles and joints;
- the most common symptom is the development of dermatitis, eczema, education, allergic rash and swelling;
in the blood revealed a low level of hemoglobin;
- often, patients are grinding your teeth in your sleep, feel hunger, increased cravings for sweets.

Finding similar symptoms in themselves or loved ones, should think and tests that will allow to get rid of parasites before they caused appreciable harm to the organism.

Drugs to combat worms

For the treatment uses special antihelminthic drugs with high efficacy and relative safety for the body. Depending on the type of parasites use different types of medicines: protivozastojnye, protivopolozhnye used in extraintestinal helminth infestations.

Most frequently used drugs "Dekaris", "Levamisole"," Pyrantel" and "Vermoxum". The current dose of the drug contained in one pill, is usually enough to parasites. To bring them out from the intestine appointed laxatives and other medicines. The above drugs are not used for the treatment of children, pregnant women – for this purpose I use more gentle products, which shall be appointed by the doctor based on the severity of the disease.

Traditional recipes from worms

In the Arsenal of folk medicine, there are many harmless, but very effective recipes made up of medicinal herbs and some products. For getting rid of worms these tools are more preferred, as are soft, it is not dangerous to children, weak people and pregnant women:

a good anthelmintic action has the pumpkin: you need to eat two full cups of seeds and two hours later to take a laxative pill;

- take 1 tablespoon of dry sage, brew 2 tbsp. hot water, infuse 10 minutes and taken three times a day 30 minutes before meals;

- 1 tbsp dried flowers of tansy brew two cups of boiling water, taken three times a day before meals;

- onion medium size cut with a knife or grate on a grater, put in a glass jar 0.5 l, fill with cold water and put on 12 hours in the refrigerator. Then strain the solution and drink 0.5 cups 2 times daily before meals. You can use a mixture of garlic and onions in equal proportions, and to introduce medicinal fluids rectally in the form of an enema.

If one of the family members discovered the worms, you need to spend preventive treatment for anyone who lives in the house, because in such circumstances we cannot be sure of their absence.
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