Today, however, there are lots of means of combating these parasites. Is, how pharmaceutical methods and methods of traditional medicine. The choice is yours.

The benefits of modern medication, you that they allow you to quickly get rid of the worms. On the other hand, traditional media can be used as a preventive measure, whereas their effect on the body positively rather than Vice versa. If you consider the fact that half of the carriers of the worms, the children, the traditional methods definitely won.

Folk remedies offer two effective prescription. The first is based on the use of the herb wormwood. Spoon herb wormwood pour a liter of boiling water. Wormwood should be brewed, not boiled, are two different things. When the grass rises and settle, strain through cheesecloth. Decoction taken three times a day, half a Cup before meals. Continue this treatment can be up to three days.

The second recipe is based on using a bow. Take a medium onion than the "meaner" the better. Finely chop it, put in a quart jar and cover with cold water. Set aside 10 hours in the refrigerator. Then strain through cheesecloth. The resulting infusion drink half a Cup 2 times a day, regardless of meals.

As to medicines, they are now a great many. To choose, you can consult a doctor or ask the pharmacist. Almost all of them are effective and help to quickly get rid of the worms.

Remember, if one family member is sick, then you need to treat all. Worms, thing extremely contagious, and not worth the risk. If you do not follow this recommendation, then after two or three days, the whole family will again become a carrier of the parasite. Treated competently, effectively and stay healthy.