You will need
  • - peel walnuts
  • - wormwood
  • - clove seeds
  • - alcohol
Experts have found that there are three components that will best help you to bring parasites from the body, the peel of walnut, wormwood and clove seeds. All of these components are called the "triad." That's how you cook them:
Rind of walnuts you need to prepare a tincture. To do this, take fifteen shells from the nuts, cut them, and cover with alcohol. Half a liter of alcohol should suffice. After that, put the composition in a dark place and let it brew for thirty days. To use this tincture need ten drops to fifty or a hundred grams of water.
Now you need to make mugwort powder. Take the leaves or ripe fruits of wormwood, which look like balls, dry and chop them. Take this powder three hundred milligrams per day, with water.
Clove seeds you can buy in the store. Similarly, as with the fruits of wormwood, grind them and take a day at 500 milligrams in powder form.
In addition to the "triad" there are several ways of traditional medicine to take care of it from the body:
Treatment of chemotherapy. It's all kinds of pills and drugs that you can buy in the pharmacy. However, be careful, it is unknown how your body will react to this kind of medication.
Consult your doctor, he may prescribe medication in the hospital where you will be able to complete a full course of excretion of parasites from the body.
In every person's life there is nothing more important and valuable than health. Take care of him and take care of it. Do not forget to go to appointments to see the doctor to consult him in case of illness, immediately to take measures for its recovery.