The most obvious way of getting rid of parasites is the use of drugs. After the diagnosis and determine the type of worm living inside the person, the doctor prescribes a particular drug for combating helminth. Currently, this means a lot - levamisole, thiabendazole, mebendazole, albendazole, medamin, Pyrantel, praziquantel, and others. Many of these drugs are quite effective, when adherence to the prescribed treatment regimens and simultaneous treatment of all family members the result is usually not long in coming. However, these tools are very toxic, so they kill not only parasites, but also useful microflora, damage the liver. In addition, many affect only a few types of parasites, for use against other you will need additional drugs. In the end, it can be very hard to poison the body, cause allergic reactions. Another negative – drugs, as a rule, are only effective to kill the adult worms, their larvae, they do not act.
Degelmintizatsiju can be carried out using various devices. The action of which is based on electromagnetic resonance. An electromagnetic wave of a certain power and duration lead to the death of parasites. This effect was discovered and first used by the American Hilda Clark. It has identified the frequency range that corresponds to almost all types of parasites. It is located in the band from 30 KHz to 1560 KHz and does not correspond to the resonant frequencies of various human organs. So to kill the worms can without harming their own health. However, such devices are quite expensive – at least 12 000 rubles. Moreover, the method is still not well understood, its effects on humans is not fully understood. Yes, and the dead worm must somehow withdraw from the body, otherwise they can become a source of increased formation of toxins.
To expel the worms today with the help of medicinal herbs. Will fit all the bitter plants, especially wormwood, tansy, yarrow, dandelion, celandine, Hemlock. They destroy parasites and their larvae and eggs, helps remove decay products, toxins and poisons. Anthelmintic effect have onions and garlic, pumpkin and its seeds, so they need to eat regularly, at least for prevention. The use of herbal medicine to expel parasites – the most optimal way. But the treatment to conduct a comprehensive and necessarily after visiting specialists.