The man-Scorpion does not tolerate routine. He needs constant activity. It is important for the continuous struggle. To surprise and to captivate the man-Scorpion, keep him on a leash as possible. Play with him in the original version of the game "cat and mouse". Demonstrate total indifference to him, show genuine interest and sincere enthusiasm. It will surprise and intrigue. Remember – an easy victory to the man-Scorpion is not interesting, it is long enough. Become the one for which you need to hunt, to seduce and captivate.
Male-Scorpio – dual nature: it combines intelligence and emotion, rationality and passion. He is philosophical and interested in the mysteries of life. Give him a volume of Aristotle, with gold embossing, the celestial globe with the constellations or the original watch with a graceful pendulum – he will be surprised and intrigued. Male Scorpio likes luxury, beautiful and unusual things impressed by his aesthetic taste.
Find and read rare books on spirituality, learn to read runes or to make astrological predictions. The man-Scorpion, as a rule, mystically configured. It will surprise the similarity of interests, and he will see you as a mate.
Try to intrigue him by their behavior. A male Scorpio likes to solve mysteries and learn the truth. But don't reveal all their secrets, and only slightly hint at them. It will interest him more.
Find out the sphere of interest of a male Scorpio and become a bit of an expert in these areas. Male-Scorpio loves to debate, and your knowledge will surprise you, especially if you have your own opinion on a controversial topic. Don't forget, at the end of the discussion, to agree with his arguments, not dropping at the same time his dignity.
Be original, show your uniqueness and originality. The male Scorpion will only pay attention to the worthiest of the worthy.