The beginning of a relationship

If a man-Scorpio woman seemed really decent, then wait for the active and decisive steps in your direction. The feeling of "butterflies in the stomach" will be provided. Magnetic glance, an indescribable charm in communication, creative ways of courtship, the desire to be with you always and everywhere, a sincere concern and understanding – a clear indication that Scorpio is deeply in love with. You need to be light and elusive for a man and in any case not be imposed. Also, do not give a reason to be jealous and make a scene out of nowhere.

Daily routine

Family life with the Scorpion cannot be called cloudless. As a rule, representatives of this sign prefer the Patriarchate and total submission to his will in the family circle. Respect for a spouse can be earned only if the wife will be the perfect hostess, friend, mother and lover.

For an external calm of Scorpio hides a storm of emotions, vulnerability and the apparent ability to internal reflection. Periodically we need to allow the beloved to be alone and not to violate his personal space. Such an act would be appreciated, as Scorpions are sometimes in particular need of feeling of loneliness. Despite the complexity of nature, men of this sign are considered good fathers always come to the rescue.


If you are on a long-term relationship with your chosen one born under the sign of Scorpio, you should follow several recommendations:

1. Be mysterious and don't reveal fully the emotional experiences. Ambiguity motivates the Scorpions to win a woman over and over again.

2. Create a comfortable atmosphere in the home and in psychological terms. Scorpios appreciate the warmth, care, attention and interest in themselves.

3. Do not try to deceive, as a lie your man will feel even at a distance, and the reaction can be unpredictable.

4. Try with dignity to endure the "stings" of the Scorpion, the meaning of which is to test the sincerity of your feelings.

5. Never humiliate and grieve not the public. Scorpio waits for the moment and then will get revenge and cruel enough.

6. Don't forget that the most important principle in building a serious relationship with your partner is based on understanding and respect.