Advice 1: How to win male cancer

If your choice - zodiac sign Cancer, before starting military actions in the conquest of his heart, it is necessary to think well.
How to win male cancer
Male Cancer – creating, consciously or unconsciously, striving for peace and balance. They are usually emotional, sensitive, endowed with a remarkable intuition and insight. And it means cunning, dishonesty, self-interest will be calculated immediately. Like many other signs, Cancers mixed. The first type of male Cancers – a great man, father, husband, aspiring to create a family. Second – nature creative, which in the first place will be friends, arts, entertainment, but certainly not family. Without exception, all Cancers are persistent and, if you see a particular goal, will achieve it come what may. This applies to love, the Cancer needs to see in you the sincerity and real feeling.
Never discuss with a man with Cancer his parents, even if you really want. Another taboo topic is the past. Once in his house, don't touch things that he believes are associated with memories. With a man-with Cancer cannot be satiate scandals, they categorically do not accept them, the scandal – best way to break a relationship with them.
To become the perfect woman for Cancer, you have to be willing to be a housewife, a mother of several children, be ready to become head of the family. He will be understanding, gentle, affectionate partner, fully committed to you and the family. If he finds you care if your name is Feminine, it is you, the one with which he will go to the edge of the world. True compliments, you may not have to wait. Such is the nature of cancers.
Another erogenous zone in men is breast cancer,that is gentle stroking of the Breasts, stroking and a slight pinch of the nipples can greatly excite the man. The cancer man likes when a woman wearing Lacy underwear, that he was very much excited. Severe agitation cancer suffers from a massage of the buttocks, especially when the woman is sitting on him and rubbing his crotch on the buttocks at the same time making the massage.
Useful advice
Erogenous zones of men - CANCER. That's who most of all appreciates the affection of your partner is male cancer. Moreover, he loves them to such an extent that he did without them to warm up. So, sex with cancer is not only the intercourse, but the gentle embrace, when from the delicate touches he can fall into this ecstasy. So, explore and your reward will be an unforgettable pleasure!

Advice 2: How to conquer a Scorpio man

Men born under the constellation of the Scorpion is particularly suspiciousness and idealism. So to win their hearts you have to exert a lot of efforts to everyone except women-Scorpions. The latter is able to win over impressionable Scorpion in a few moments, because the weaknesses they have are almost identical.
The man-Scorpion need to win quietly
To win the man-Scorpion you need to consistently. And to begin the conquest need not excite interest in his own person, which is suitable for the representatives of other zodiac signs, and collect the maximum amount of information about the object of sympathy.

Scorpions love yourself like

True Scorpions present in the character constant desire for the beautiful, emotional, romantic. Only the girl is able to understand the subtle spiritual experiences and aspirations of Scorpio, will be able to captivate him.

In other words, if your partner is male-Scorpio - get ready to merge with it together and be continuing, otherwise, get along you will not succeed. Therefore, it is believed that the Scorpion is the best party - house-proud skorpionsha, ready to share with him joy and sorrow. Hardly a wild lioness will want to bow before the power of Scorpio, and without that he it in his pack won't accept it.
In the family of man-the Scorpion it should be, otherwise the family will not last long, and Scorpio will be the initiator of the break.

Scorpions do not need to conquer, and inspire

This rule should be remembered by all women who wish to connect my life with a Scorpion. These men can't stand to be on the rights of the slave, and if he can see that his win, the strategy failed.

Proceed quietly to Scorpio does not suspect your intentions. And as the representatives of this zodiac sign tend to contemplation of beauty, to conquer his own beauty. Most importantly, that beauty was as natural as possible. Ie sports, dancing, get used to the almost invisible makeup and you will have the chance to become the wife of the Scorpion.
The Scorpions are quite serious, and if you manage to sink down into the soul to the Scorpio, you can be sure that soon he will lead you to the Registrar.

By the way, in order not to lose your lover, do not forget during the life of the joint constantly for a monitor. The slightest lapse in appearance in order to monitor the farm or the children - and the risk to remain without a spouse increases significantly. Moreover, the Scorpions, though quite serious in terms of the institution of the family, at least not easily parted with his family, leaving the wives alone with their own problems, carelessness, and excessive demands on the beloved man.

Advice 3: How to earn respect

People are social creatures, so it is too difficult to live without the approval of others. Respect – the highest degree of social approval, so to achieve it is not so simple. But if you firmly adhere to their moral principles and to respect the needs of the people around you, you certainly will gain respect and to yourself.
How to earn respect
You will need
  • Moral principles
  • Willpower
  • Courage
To gain respect, a man of his word. If you said that you do something – do. After all, respect is given to those who can be trusted. If others feel that you cannot be trusted to respect you, they just will not.
To gain respect, be honest. You will be surprised how much respect you can gain by telling the truth, instead of building a maze of lies, protecting you from harm.
Be a man who is not afraid to speak out against bullies. This does not mean that you always have to argue and fight with someone who seems like a troublemaker. But if someone do harm to others, don't be afraid to stand up and ask the man to stop. If you care about the rights of others, then you are sure to win respect.
To gain respect, be sure to encourage others when they do something good. When you let others understand that you appreciate them, they appreciate and respect you in return. But don't over – thank people only for those things that are worth it. Be sincere and selfless in this.

Advice 4: How to win a man's heart-the twins

No wonder your heart is subdued, romantic, charming, witty and original man-Twin. To fall in love with once and forever this restless and wayward man quite difficult, but possible. What will it take?
How to win a man's heart-the twins
Constantly intriquite and fascinate their choice again and again. And in any case do not limit yourself to standard female techniques based on change of image: buying a new outfit, visiting a hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist. First and foremost, you should always expand intellectual knowledge. MaleTwin dreams of a friend with whom you can spend hours to discuss all sorts of topics ranging from the true way of the Universe, ending with the subtleties of modern politics. Qualities such as ease in communication, the lack of attitudinal and behavioural stereotypes will allow you to fall in love with this tough macho.
Be serious, responsible, binding, and credible. Similar qualities in a woman extremely important for a representative of this constellation, as he is by nature characterized by impulsivity, irrationality and slight negligence. Your task is to perfectly complement and balance his violent nature. This will be a firm Foundation for fruitful and constructive relations.
Become his faithful military girlfriend to encourage all the safe adventure and cooperative activities. From time to time embark on a journey together, go Hiking and do sports. Remember that your man can not live without exciting adventures, most of which are not planned in advance, and spontaneous nature.
Avoid unnecessary drama in the behavior, control every action. Do not complicate the situation and try not to panic, they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. Boyfriend-the Twins need a cold-blooded partner, firmly standing on their feet. His character - an educated, intelligent lady who knows how to attract attention by its bright individuality, not vulgar manners. So dress cute and reserved, but always tasteful.
Men Gemini can not stand quarrels, boredom, pessimism and monotony. Keep this in mind if I wish to connect my life with this man.
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