Male Cancer – creating, consciously or unconsciously, striving for peace and balance. They are usually emotional, sensitive, endowed with a remarkable intuition and insight. And it means cunning, dishonesty, self-interest will be calculated immediately. Like many other signs, Cancers mixed. The first type of male Cancers – a great man, father, husband, aspiring to create a family. Second – nature creative, which in the first place will be friends, arts, entertainment, but certainly not family. Without exception, all Cancers are persistent and, if you see a particular goal, will achieve it come what may. This applies to love, the Cancer needs to see in you the sincerity and real feeling.
Never discuss with a man with Cancer his parents, even if you really want. Another taboo topic is the past. Once in his house, don't touch things that he believes are associated with memories. With a man-with Cancer cannot be satiate scandals, they categorically do not accept them, the scandal – best way to break a relationship with them.
To become the perfect woman for Cancer, you have to be willing to be a housewife, a mother of several children, be ready to become head of the family. He will be understanding, gentle, affectionate partner, fully committed to you and the family. If he finds you care if your name is Feminine, it is you, the one with which he will go to the edge of the world. True compliments, you may not have to wait. Such is the nature of cancers.