You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - resolution;
  • - extract of cadastral documents;
  • - passport;
  • receipt for registration;
  • - title documents (if the increase of the square is the Union of the two private areas).
To increase the land by attaching the empty territory, contact the local authorities with the statement. If vacant allotment does not belong to anyone, then your application will be reviewed within one month and make a preliminary decision on the possibility of increasing the area of your allotment.
If the decision is positive, contact the land Committee, do re-survey and place the joint land cadastre. Get the extract from the cadastral records and refer back to the administration to receive the resolution.
Please contact the Registrar, write a statement, submit title documents for the land, which was before you joined put on your passport, cadastral extract, the resolution, the receipt of payment for the registration and for the plot. After 30 days you will get the right of ownership on the newly created allotment.
If you combine the two plots that you own as property, then conduct a second survey and register the ownership rights on the newly created allotment. The only condition for combining is that the plots were bordering each other, and the area of the receiving land does not exceed the maximum set in your area.
If one plot was leased and the other owned, will receive a decision by the administration on the transfer of the second plot of property. The same applies to the two land plots, which are leased. First you must obtain the prior decision of the authorized representatives of the administration, then a re-survey and to obtain extracts of cadastral documents are combined and put in the least apply in PPRC.