You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - documents on the land;
  • - application to the cadastral chamber;
  • - technical documents for the joint area;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • - decree of the administration (if one or both of the land was leased);
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • receipt of payment for registration.
To combine adjacent plots of land you will have to spend and pay for a repeated procedure of surveying.Refer to the cadastral chamber, apply for challenge of cadastral engineer. Even if both sites you already have delimited boundaries, cadastral passport, the plan, as well as the cadastral number, then you still have to spend a second survey, to supply the formed plot on the record as a single and get a new number, a passport and a plan.
The team of experts on cadastre will hold a list of necessary technical work, the measurement of newly formed land, a topographical survey of the area. On the basis of these works you will receive a package of technical documents.
Contact with the received documents to the cadastral chamber. To present the passport, the certificate of ownership on both sites, which was before the merger, write a statement. On the basis of the submitted documents, the newly created parcel by combining put on a single account, will issue the cadastral certificate and the plan. Get a copy of the plan and the extract from the passport.
Contact PPRC, fill in the application form, submit all available documents and their copies, pay a fee for registration. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership of land, which was the result of the merger.
If both or one of them to enterprises were in your use under the lease before registration of property rights you must obtain the decision of the administration to transfer the land or areas in the property. Moreover, on both sites, which are leased, you cannot obtain the right of ownership for free. One area will give you for free, the second – on the cadastral value, since in the course of a lifetime is available free in the property of a single piece. For all other have to pay.