You will need
  • - statement to the administration;
  • - the agreement of a perpetual lease;
  • - cadastral extract;
  • - resolution;
  • - receipt of payment for the transferred land;
  • - receipt of payment for the registration;
  • - an application to the Federal office of the state registration of the centre;
  • - passport;
  • - photocopies of all documents.
To translate the land of perpetual lease in the property, you will need to obtain the decision of township or district administration, in whose jurisdiction is located the land. But first of all you need to put it on a single cadastral registration with assignment of numbers and obtaining a cadastral passport.
To obtain cadastral documents, please contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. Apply for challenge of cadastral engineer who will conduct all technical work required for registration of the cadastral plan, a passport and registration on a single account.
Delve into the technical work performed by a specialist, there's no need. The only thing you have to do is get a copy of the cadastral plan of the land settlements in your area. This document is issued by the land Committee in the local administration.
After all of the work performed on your leased land create a written act of agreeing boundaries marked and sign it from all of your neighbors, with the estates which borders your land. If you are unable to achieve a voluntary agreement, and some of the neighbors refused to sign off on your document, refer to the court of arbitration for the settlement of disputes in accordance with the law.
All the documents show the Federal Office of unified registration of land plots, cadastre and cartography. Your site will be put on a single account and will issue him a cadastral passport, the plan, of these documents you will need of discharge.
Please submit the extract from the cadastral passport, a copy of the plan and copies of all documents in the village or district administration. You will also need to submit the agreement of a perpetual lease, a passport.
The administration will make a decision on the transfer of land from a perpetual lease to the property. If the leased area are you built of a building or structure, the amount of payment for land will be reduced. The exact cost depends on the region in which you make the ground.
To obtain the certificate of ownership, contact the Federal office of the state registration center. Complete the application, submit the passport, the resolution, the cadastral extract, the receipt of payment for the transferred land and for registration. The certificate is issued within one month.