Sale impossible, only the right to use

We must remember that to purchase a cemetery plot, i.e. to pay money to obtain the property, it is impossible, that is the law of the Russian Federation. Can this site only be obtained in use, and open-ended, but not to possess it.
It turns out that the theoretically - neglected grave can easily transfer to another person, when the maximum permissible period of desolation.
In Moscow, however, the city may dispose of the land at their own discretion, if it turns out that the site is abandoned for a long time, the upkeep does not one.

When the appointed day of the funeral, to the cashier of the cemetery are paid money. But they, too, are not means of payment the right of ownership of the land for this amount of money only acquired the right to its unlimited use. The cost of use can be included some additional services such as landscaping adjacent to the grave site, digging the grave before the day of the funeral, all the shops-walk.

The cost of land and additional services

The cost of land in the cemeteries of Moscow is between 16 000 and 40 000, more accurate prices in a particular location can be found on the dedicated website "Cemeteries of Moscow". According to the contract payment responsible for the grave is a person who applies for the provision of burial services. Then this person acquires the right to renew the burial, but this is difficult.
Their relationship they will have to document.
If this citizen(SC) die, the subsequent burial can produce heirs 1 turn, but under age.

In a detailed examination with a list of services you can protect yourself from pitfalls and unnecessary problems. Unexpected costs imposed by employees of the cemetery can be avoided, if the contract, at the time of registration to use the site, will be made to certain items. Among these services usually include the digging of graves, construction of approach to the grave depending on the time of year, landscaping with nazyvaniem paths of gravel or sand, stretch tent, if necessary, clearing of snow in winter.

The employees of the cemetery will create a ritual hill, decorated the grave with flowers and wreaths, will make a song, set up the cross. Pre-fitted plot of base is also possible. Just need to remember that for all additional materials and work will have to pay, their costs will not be included in the total cost of the site.