If you want to know outgoing calls from your mobile phone, you usually get that kind of information is easy. To find out what calls were made from your cell phone, go to menu, select call register - Dialled numbers. In this folder you will see who called and when with the SIM card. If the SIM card removed from phone, calls data could disappear from memory. Information about incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages can also be deleted intentionally.
If the phone calls you have not found, contact the office of your mobile operator and request call details. You must have a passport. The operator will provide you with "decoding" account for a desired period in a printed form or in the form of an MMS message. Usually the service detailing is available for a small fee, and the cost depends on the time period that interests you. Detailing contains date and time of calls, number of phone and the call duration.
On the websites of many operators it is possible to order the call details on e-mail. Sometimes this online service is provided by the operator free, so to use the site even more profitable.
As for calls from fixed phone, as a rule, it is recorded only toll calls - long distance and calls to mobile numbers. Sometimes they are already reflected in the receipts for payment coming every month. The full detail of calls from city phone hardly any of the phone companies will give you. Exceptions are possible, if the PBX is digital. But, as a rule, ordinary subscribers this information is not provided, but available only by special state bodies. In any case, for further questions please contact your phone company, since the policies of different companies is often different.