Contact the nearest office of the company "the Megaphone". If you currently have a document proving your identity. If the SIM card was not in your name, you must provide authorization from the owner of the account.
Write a statement to provide call detail. As a rule, the form of this document is available to operators, you will need to enter your data, the account number and the period for which you want information.
The employee must provide the call details immediately. Information on the numbersspecified in the printout you can get from mobile operators.
To order call details you can use the Internet. To do this you need to go to the official website of the company. In the upper right corner look for the words "Service Guide", click on it.
You will see a page where you will need to specify the number and password to access self service system. If you have never entered, dial from your cell the following USSD-command: *105*2#.
Once on the page of your personal account, on the left you will see a menu. Find there the tab "personal account", then click on the "detailed calls".
You will see a page where you will need to select the period for which you want information (it should not exceed five months). Check that you have your cell phone number, select the types of calls that you want to see in detail.
Below, specify the email you want to send information that is very detailed. Select the format and specify the password of the archive (in order to view the content could only be you).
If you want to get notification of delivery detail, in a message on your mobile phone, check below mark opposite the inscription "SMS-notification". Then click on "Order".
You will see the form of order confirmation, which will indicate the cost of this service. If you are satisfied, press "Confirm". After this for some time to the specified email will receive a message that contains information about all calls for a selected period.