Clients of the company "MTS" to order "bill details" it is necessary to dial mobile number USSD-request *111*551# and press the call. This room allows all subscriberm of the operator to obtain information about the actions that were made from his personal account for the past three days. A user is also the number to send SMS messages 1771. In the text message to be sent must be specified code 551. In addition, network client "MTS" for information about your personal account, you may use the "Mobile portal" (a self-service system located on the official website of the company).
If you are connected to the operator "MegaFon", for the connection services use a special system called the Service Guide. Find it very easy: it is in the same section of the official website of the company. Please note that the entire list of topics is in the left part of the page (whichever one you are). By the way, the subscriber of the operator can obtain assistance in any salon of communication of the company, as well as in the office providing customer support.
Subscribers who use the services of communication "Beeline", also can at any time order the operator detailing the personal account. Ordering service, the user will receive information about the rooms (incoming, as well as those that were committed calls), time of calls, cost of sent messages, conversations, about the type of calls, duration of calls and much more. The connection detail of the account it is possible to produce directly from the official website of the operator "Beeline": complete and submit a special statement. This method is universal for all subscribers (regardless of what billing system they use).