The phone is powered on, enter the range of the network or release device will receive SMS with information about the number of the caller, the number of missed calls, time and date last call. The information about calls each subscriber comes in a separate SMS message.
Listen to voice message you can call the number 0525. Follow the instructions of the Manager. A call to the number is charged according to the tariff as a call to the phone operator MegaFon, Moscow branch.
To disconnect the service number *105*3*2*5*5*4*1*1*1. Plug back in: *105*3*2*5*5*4*1*2*1#.
Additionally see the missed calls in the General menu of the phone. Folder path: General menu, the folder "Log calls", "Missed calls". To use this method you need to be sure that the phone is busy, switched off or outside the coverage area of the network, for example, if audio is off or you forgot your phone.