Find the manual to your phone. If in your documents you to understand difficult to try to seek the assistance of the Internet space. Not necessarily that the statement contained information about the model of your phone - enough to match type (e.g. "book" or "slider") and firm of the manufacturer.
Visit the thematic forums, where other users will be able to tell you how to know about incoming calls, and do it almost in real time.
Click on the green button of your phone to view a list of all recent calls. Of them you can choose incoming, focusing on memory, images that are present on the screen. Usually for marking use the arrows: pointing up means incoming and down outgoing, and semicircular – missed. They also vary in color.
Go to the menu and select "History". Clicking on it, you go into a menu containing information about missed calls, the ones you said or committed yourself. There you can learn about the total duration of calls.
Call your cellular carrier who will provide you with a printout of calls. This method is especially useful if you need information about a fairly long period, because the phone usually last 10-20 calls. However, please note that this information will be provided only to the person in whose name the registered phone.
Download the Internet software Neo-Call, providing the ability to itemize all your calls. However, this is a paid service. In addition to the list of calls, it also performs other functions: copies the message, provides a wire some conversation, signals the calls from the target phone to a third party, as well as several others.