You will need
  • - the passport.
If you for some reason restricted access sent through your mobile phone messages (they have been removed, SIM card or phone gets lost, etc.), please contact technical support service of "MegaFon" for providing you with printouts of SMS messages for a certain period of time.
Most likely, you will be advised to contact the customer service offices or ask information proving your ownership of the SIM card, and then sent the print to file via e-mail (depending on company policy and the category of the user).
Please contact the customer service of "MegaFon" to get a printout of SMS messages received and sent using the mobile number of the SIM card registered in your name. Provide workers with necessary documents, confirming your personality according to your country legislation. Pay for operator services, then you will be issued a report on the messages over a certain period of time.
If you want to read other people's messages sent to the room and with the number of "MegaFon" SIM-card which you are not registered, ask the phone owner permission to perform this action. Otherwise, your reading someone else's correspondence could be interpreted as unauthorized access to personal data and may even entail some responsibility, if the legislation of your country.
Do not fall for tricks of fraudsters who offer you access to read other people's SMS messages when you install a particular apps in your phone. Most likely, this program contains malicious code that can harm your mobile device or to make calls and send SMS messages.