To use this service the subscribers of "MegaFon" through the self-service system called Service Guide. To find her is not difficult, just visit the official web site of the operator and click on the same column. It is worth noting that the full list of such graph is on the main page (its left side). In addition, the client can always ask for help in any of the salons of communication "MegaFon" or office support subscribers.
The subscribers use communication services of another operator, Beeline also have the opportunity to order the details of his account. Service detail allows you to get information about the dates of incoming and outgoing calls, their type (i.e., urban, service, or mobile), cost, duration. In addition, you will receive information about the cost of MMS and SMS messages, downloadable from the Internet traffic. As soon as you need to activate a detailed account, go to the official page of the company "Beeline" and send it to the operator a completed application (on holding detail). This method is suitable to all users, regardless of what billing system they are connected. The next version of the service order is only for customers prepaid: write a statement and send it by Fax to the number (495) 974-5996. Those subscribers that use the credit, that is the postpaid system, I can personally go to the nearest salon of communication "Beeline".
For more detail accounts of subscribers of MTS have to type on the keyboard of his mobile device a USSD-request *111*551# and press the call button. Thanks to this number you will be able to obtain information about the actions that were made on your phone for the last three days. At your disposal is and short number 1771, to send SMS messages. The text of such messages must contain code 551. You can also use the service "Mobile portal" which provides the latest information on the status of the account.