You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
The company "MegaFon" provides its customers with several types of detailed account: "Occasional", "Periodic" and "Express detail".
To find out information about the funds spent on "one-time specification" can be for any key time period. If the period is more than 6 months, contact with the passport at any office of the company. In the case when the period does not exceed the last six months, ask for details of calls on their own through "Service-Guide".
To do this, go to the website in the section "personal account" and select "one-time specification", putting the delivery method phone records. This can be email or Fax.
There is another way. Call 0505, click 1,2,1 and following the prompts, order details for the Fax. Or dial *105*8033#, and select the delivery specified in system "Service-Guide" your e-mail address.
The cost of a single granularity depends on the selected time period. So, one day you will pay 3 rubles per week – 21% for the month – 90 rubles.
"Periodic-detail" account is a paid service, which involves providing the subscriber with a monthly report on spent amounts. The cost is 90 rubles. To connect periodic detail, please contact the customer service of the network "Megaphone" on number 0500 or use the system "Service-Guide". To obtain a printout you can mail, courier or via the Internet.
The service is "Express detailing" is available only to subscribers of a network "the Megaphone-Moscow". It can be ordered in several ways. Call *113#. Send a blank message or a message with the content of the e-mail addresses in room 5039. After that, the detail of calls will come or MMS message, or email. The period for which it is possible to get a printout of calls with the Express detail is 7 days. Query cost about 21 rubles.