How to make the detail of calls through a Megaphone private office

To obtain a printout of the expenses account on the Megaphone, you need to go to the website and register in the personal Cabinet. To do this in a special form to enter your number and receive a password to enter.

After you get access you need to choose "bill details". In the opened window, enter the date for which you want to obtain a printout of calls and to choose the format of the file that will be compiled statement.

The printout you receive at the email address provided at the time of request. It does not need to wait long, call detail records of the Megaphone will be sent automatically within a few minutes.

You can get information about calls and other services, the money that was paid over the past six months.

How to get a printout of calls on a Megaphone through the phone

If you do not have Internet access, then order a detailed account on the Bullhorn directly from your mobile phone.

For this you need to contact the helpdesk operator by number 0505. To order, please listen to the message of the automated system and select the desired partitions. Currently, to find out information about costs in the last 24 hours enough in the tone set click on the numbers 1 and then 6. Please note that the combination may change over time. Detail will be announced by the automated system and sent to SMS.

Unfortunately, to obtain more detailed information on account via phone will not work.

How to make a detailed account of a Megaphone in the office

To make the detail of calls on the Megaphone for a long period, to obtain not only the expenses but also to learn who had made calls, sent SMS, when he committed the Internet, you can contact the office of customer service.

It is necessary to have a passport. The printout will be ready in most cases within 2-3 business days.

Thus, if you are not ready anywhere to go and wait for the results, then the best option is to use automated services. To make the detail of calls on the Megaphone, quickly and for free, best appeal in the appropriate section of the personal account.