To obtain information on the personal account, use self-service system. To do this go online and type in the address bar You'll see the main page on the top bar, select the region in which registered your SIM card.
On the home page find the option "Service Guide", click on it. In that case, if you have not previously registered a password for log-in access area, click on the words "Retrieve password". You will see the page where you will need to conduct a ten-digit telephone number and security code that is shown on the picture. The password will be sent to you in a message.
Then again log in to the system "Service-Guide". Enter your number and the password received. Click on the button "Login".
Note the menu to the left of you. On the tab "personal account" find the setting "Detail of call", click on it.
On the opened page, specify the period for which you want information. Tick the option that says "All calls". Specify the e-mail address and message format. In that case, if you want to be alerted about the sending of detail, tick the option that says "SMS-notification". In that case, if you do not want to access information to other people, specify a password. At the end click on the option "Order". You will see the window where the system will warn you about the cost of the service, click "Continue".
When the specified email address will be passed information about the incoming and outgoing calls, your phone will receive the alert.