General malaise, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, headache, flies in front of the eyes, tachycardia – all of these unpleasant symptoms can be characterized by hypotension. Causes of low pressure are numerous: from brain injury to emotional stress.

To make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only be a doctor, so if you have symptoms of hypotension it is necessary to refer to it. He may recommend drugs that increase blood pressure. Fairly effectively with this issue, glycine, tanakan, complex vitamins, in the absence of contraindications.

But the treatment of hypotension is not limited to taking the pills. To normalize the energy metabolism of the brain will help the overall strengthening of the body. And for that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Special attention should be paid to sleep, because during his stabiliziruemost pressure. Sleep in hypotensive should be long (at least seven hours.

Mandatory exercise: morning exercises, Cycling, swimming, running, Hiking. Try as often as possible to fresh air – walk will not starve the blood vessels of the brain. A great benefit from water treatments: bath, contrast shower, dousing with cold water.

Significantly increase the pressure you can use herbal adaptogens: Schizandra, Ural licorice, Eleutherococcus, aralia, ginseng, radiograms pink, black tea (green tea is better not to use – it lowers the pressure).

It happens that the pressure drops too abruptly. In this case, you need to lay down, lowering his head as low as possible, provide fresh air, to smell the ammonia, drink sweet and hot strong tea or coffee. If hypotension is severe, with pain in region of heart and stomach, tachycardia, vomiting, presyncope condition – immediately call "fast".