There are two types of causes of hypotonia. The first is pretty innocuous and is associated with the body's inability to adapt to changes in external environment: increasing or decreasing temperature, pressure, precipitation, etc. this Happens due to the failure of the autonomic nervous system to show an adequate response to incoming impulses, causing the brain does not receive the necessary nutrition. This is not a disease, but refers to the border (before disease) conditions which can seriously poison people's lives. A more serious cause of the low pressure - congestive heart failure, and here we are talking about the fact that hypotension may be a symptom of heart disease or heart rhythm disorder, or coronary heart disease. Often low blood pressure observed in acute diseases of the abdominal cavity, pulmonary embolism, infectious diseases, and Oncology. Need treatment of the underlying disease, not the symptoms.Given that hypotension is associated with disorders of cerebral circulation, in treatment need to be screened as a cardiologist and neurologist. Even a little exercise leads to poor health, want to lie down, and not because the patient is lazy, but because the horizontal position helps to strengthen the cerebral circulation. The relatives of the patient should know about this fact and contribute to a longer stay of the patient. If a healthy person is sufficient for recuperation 7-8 hours, then under reduced pressure should have 10-12 hours, and someone- or more. Is a protective reaction of the organism. After waking up it is not recommended to immediately get out of bed because the nausea and blackouts can throw in an unconscious state. Waking up, they need to stretch, do some mild exercises with hands and feet.Low pressurem it is necessary to fight, but only after verifying the absence of organic lesions of the heart and other organs. The primary measure is compliance with the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Sufficient physical activity, good nutrition, proper rest and water procedures, contrast shower in the morning and evening, strengthening and toning blood vessels. Useful massage and hydromassage. Enhance blood circulation Hiking, swimming, spending time in the fresh air.Special attention should be paid to intake of herbs that have a tonic effect. This is ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, aralia, leuzea, Helichrysum etc. Useful sensible consumption of coffee, green tea. Can't hurt and reception 80-90 ml of red wine, which relieves chronic symptoms and is a source of antioxidants.Do not forget that low pressure, although does not lead to hypertensive crisis, but can cause hypotonic collapse – a condition in which a possible loss of consciousness at any moment.