Hypotension it is important to respect the day, the need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Useful walk in the fresh air, exercise, contrast showers, massage. If the normalization condition is not enough correction lifestyle, prescribed medication. The most accessible and popular medium from low blood pressure is caffeine. Take your pills "Caffeine sodium benzoate". Adults should take 50-100 mg two to three times a day, children - on 30-75 mg two to three times a day. You should not drink the medicine before bedtime. You should know that excessive use of this substance can cause arrhythmia.
To increase the pressure, you can take a tincture of schisandra in the amount of 25 drops 3 times a day on an empty stomach or 4 hours after a meal. The infusion can be replaced by capsules of lemongrass oil taken 2-3 pieces 3 times a day. This drug is low in toxicity; however it can overstimulate the nervous and cardiovascular system. The drug is contraindicated in insomnia, acute infectious diseases, severe cardiac disorders.
Low blood pressure can appoint the tincture or capsules of ginseng (a tonic). Adults and children twelve years of medication you need to drink half an hour before meals for 15-25 drops two to three times a day. Capsules take 2 of these twice a day. The course of treatment can last 30-40 days. It is contraindicated hyperexcitability, epilepsy, convulsive conditions, sleep disorders, acute infectious and viral diseases, chronic liver disease, during pregnancy and lactation, children under 12 years. It is not recommended to take tincture of ginseng in the second half of the day, as this will cause sleep disturbances.
If the pressure decrease caused by the disorder of the functions of the vagus nerve, the patient assigned "Bellataminalum", one tablet two to three times a day. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, angina, severe degree of atherosclerosis, spasm of peripheral arteries, angle-closure glaucoma. Frequent orthostatic hypotension (drop in blood pressure in the blood vessels with a sharp raising of bed) can assign "Fludrocortisone" in doses of 100 micrograms three times a week to 200 mg once a day. Duration of reception no more than two weeks. Its side effect is a metabolic disorder of potassium in the body. In severe disorder of vascular tone is used injection is "Deoxycorticosterone". Standard course - 10 injections. Side effects of the drug include disorders of the kidneys, manifested by swelling.