The question of how to raise heart pressure, it has long asked the doctors, but drugs for these purposes today, there are a few, and make them be under the strict supervision of a physician. Therefore, it is best refer to the simple life methods and traditional medicine.
The best cure for hypotension is, oddly enough, a strong and healthy sleep. More sleep and less stress are the two main rules.
If your activity is connected with high mental strain and a small amount of time to sleep, we will have to resort to other methods of treatment. Always start your day with a Cup of strong coffee or tea. Remember that green tea, for example, on the contrary, very greatly reduces the pressure. But water you can drink as much as necessary. Consume drinks, juices (especially pomegranate), fruit drinks, soups, juicy fruits - the more, the better. Fluid increases blood volume in the body and thus increases the pressure.
Eat more often – at least 4 times a day but small portions. Eat more salty foods because salt retains fluid in the body. It could be a herring or cucumber pickle, and maybe – just a teaspoon of salt mixed in a glass of water.
Eat more chocolate (preferably dark), fatty foods, fish, spicy. Unless, of course, that there are no contraindications.
Very good use of broth Hypericum or inhalation of toning essential oils: peppermint, rosemary, black pepper, etc.
At night, wear special compression stockings. Often low pressure is a consequence of stagnation of blood in the lower extremities.
Keep an active lifestyle. More move and exercise. Physical load increase and normalize blood pressure.
And remember that although you can raise the heart pressure and independently, but it is best to consult a doctor to identify the true causes of its permanent reduction.