The reasons for the pressure drop a lot. Some people have this feature since birth. They usually do not differ a great power and performance, but it is normally felt with a low pressurem experiencing a lot more anxiety if it is somehow increased.
Decrease the pressure can, if disrupted the heart. Often this situation occurs when a person is ill with flu or a sore throat and got heart complications. The reason for low pressure may be dystonia.
If you are hypotensive, you should be very careful to take medications that can easily "drop" your blood pressure even more. Such action is characterized by, for example, some cardiac drugs, antibiotics in large doses, painkillers and antispasmodics and sedatives such as infusions of peony or motherwort. So before you take any pills or drops, read the instructions and make sure that they are suitable for you.
The pressure necessarily decreases any bleeding and in a state of depression. Drastically decrease pressure when the person acute gastric ulcer occurs or an attack of pancreatitis. In this case, once you heal the underlying disease, do not need to worry about the low pressure.
In addition to these, we can say medical reasons, the pressure drop can provoke some external circumstances. For example, even if you are completely healthy, sharp expansion of vessels, and hence the pressure drop can cause a visit to the baths, saunas, or perform body wraps. Of course, this reaction is short, and your body is able to withstand. But still monitor his condition will not prevent.
Reduced pressure and professional athletes and dancers: when the body is under constant very heavy loads, it starts to operate in economy mode with reduced pressure and a rare heart beats.
Decreases the pressure from miners, a long time working underground, those people who are constantly getting a small dose of ionizing radiation, or the effect of microwave electromagnetic field. As the body reacts many people at the sharp change in climatic zones, where people from the middle zone is suddenly, for example, in the tropics or in the Arctic.
As hypotension, oddly enough, is not treated if you are suffering from a similar ailment, your efforts in the fight against it should be spent on raising vitality. You will always want to sleep, lead an active lifestyle, there are at least 4 times a day to harden.