You will need
  • -lemons;
  • -med.
If you're concerned about low pressure, should identify the cause of the disease. Get yourself checked out at a medical facility. If there are any problems found in the internal organs, you need medication. But if hypotension is associated with impaired blood vessel tone, the normalization of the pressure depends entirely on your efforts.
Remember that you need more time than other people, at night hotel. Try to go to bed on time and create favorable conditions for strong and healthy sleep.
Set yourself up for a peaceful solution to all life's problems. Do not be nervous on trifles.
Limit yourself to Smoking and alcohol consumption, and generally better try to avoid these bad habits because they can reduce the already low your blood pressure.
Improve the tone, and at the same time low pressure will douches. Try not to skip morning exercises, the more you walk, walk. Try to find time for moderate exercise. The best species for you would be swimming, Biking, sports and games.
Develop for yourself (or ask a specialist) physical exercises that will strengthen your flexibility, abdominal muscles and lower extremities. At the same time avoid exercises associated with sharp movements of the head.
To improve the health and normalize blood pressure try performing this breathing exercise. Take a deep breath, then exhale all air and hold your breath for 20 seconds. Repeat this technique 5-6 times. If you do this breathing exercises three times a day, positive changes will feel in two, maximum three weeks.
Eat at least four times a day, preferably five or six times. Include in your diet some amount of salty and fatty foods. Coffee in the morning is also useful, but be sure to add it to a sandwich with butter and cheese. In addition, remember that your best friends in combating the hypotension are also fish in any form and sweet tea.
Often drink grape juice, preferably dark varieties, and your pressure stabiliziruemost. The same effect have a mixture of carrot juice and spinach (2:1 ratio). Drink this juice glass three times a day before meals. The course of treatment – a month.
To get rid of hypotension can also help a tool such as lemons with honey. For its preparation take 6 medium-sized lemons, wash them well, peel, scald with boiling water. Then drain, remove the seeds and all together mince. Ready lemon mass pour a liter of boiled water and put in the fridge. After a few hours in the jar, add a pint of honey. Mix and place on three days in the refrigerator. To make this tool need to the end of 50 ml three times a day before meals. This, in addition to the normalization of pressure, will help to get rid of dizziness and headaches.