Hot tea

A recognized and very effective tool for raising blood pressure is considered hot Cup of strong sweet black tea, drunk in small SIPS. Doctors believe that tea is more effective than coffee. By the way, if to speak about the consumption of coffee in order to increase the pressure, it should be borne in mind that only a drink, brewed from ground beans can have a quick positive effect. Instant coffee does not have this property, i.e., it will have to drink more volume and longer to see results over time.

Breathing exercises

If blood pressure is low and health is unimportant, you can do a simple breathing exercise: slowly and deeply inhale through your nose for 3-5 seconds to hold the breath and then slowly exhale, releasing the air through your mouth through clenched teeth. Repeat several times until relieved. Unfortunately, it will be short, but at least for now will remove the severe discomfort, to be able to take more effective measures.


To raise the pressure at home, you can use self-massage. You should use 3 points on the body located:
- the furrow of the upper lip closer to the nose;
- on the big toes in contact with the second fingers, close to nail plate;
on little fingers of hands near the nail from the side of the ring finger.
These three points in turn must massage wooden stick with a rounded end, or just your finger in a clockwise direction.

Physical activity

Nothing so effectively normalizes blood pressure as morning gymnastics. Especially outdoors or at the open window. Exercises warm up the body, make the blood better and more active to circulate through the vessels. In the result, the tissues get enough oxygen and the pressure is normalized. Hypotension is useful to do not only aerobic exercise (aerobics, running, exercise bikes, walking), but also the tonic, i.e. to improve the tone of blood vessels.

Water treatment

Of all water treatment hypotensive especially shows a contrast shower. It is best to take it in the morning, the optimal length – 5-7 minutes. You just have to alternate hot and cold (cool and warm) water. A contrast shower is a great exercise for the vessels. During the procedure, the lumen of the vessels alternately expands and contracts, in result, increases their elasticity and overall tone.

Proper nutrition

The key to good health at reduced pressure is a complete, balanced diet. Hypotensive can include in your diet the following products:
- meat and fish, including oily varieties;
- beets and beet juice;
- butter cakes;
- pickles, bacon, fish;
- olives;
is sauerkraut;
- meats;
- nuts;
- spices, seasonings.

Increased blood pressure when consuming salty foods is because they contain a lot of salt, which is known to cause thirst. After such a meal drink plenty of fluids, it increases blood volume, thus pressure increases.

Herbal medicine

To raise blood pressure will help the reception of tincture of Echinacea or ginseng, Siberian ginseng, schisandra (25 to 30 drops, diluted in an arbitrary quantity of water 3-4 times a day). You can brew herbal teas. For this fit Thistle, hawthorn, shepherd's purse, mistletoe. Herbs are mixed in equal proportions, then 1 tsp collection pour a glass of boiling water and infused for 4-6 hours. Should drink on an empty stomach in the morning.